Sunday, April 6

Who Knew...

Diane Kruger

So pardon me if I am living the next two months totally reminiscing about my obsession with Sarah Jessica Parker until the launch of you know what..but on another knew blog I am in love with, turns out there is someone else just as classy, elegant and gorgeous I didn't remember about. I see her in magazines time and again, but never had a reason to Google or stalk her red carpet style. Now I do!

"What I really love about her is how classy she always looks, especially compared to so many other young starlets (*cough LindsayLohan cough*). Her style is super feminine, quite a bit trendy, and I like that she’s not afraid of sparkle and frills. She pulls it off well and it’s never over the top."

-Quoted from Kim

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Angel said...

Kruger is nice, her style is perfect and she looks incredibly aristocratic!