Sunday, April 6

Promises, Promises

Miami Beach circa 2008

I owe tons of updates I know, but trust me its worth it. In the mean time, here is one of the many promised images. Way back in the day (as in 2 weeks ago: here is the post) I shared the story of my photography studio in progress- a gift I am working on for my boyfriend over time. So far I have gotten him two lights, a camera that was all the rage in his la la photo land, and some helpful accessories. Of course this will help me on my venture as well for my fashion empire soon to be seen. I have been really anxious lately trying to figure out exactly what that empire will entail, and I really welcome any comments about others having the same stresses about what their purpose will be in this home we call the fashion industry. I know its been especially hard for Ms. Bubble as there must be others living through trial and error. Here is one resulting image from a rolled-out-of-bed-and-put-on-makeup-which-led-to-an-impromptu-beneficial-photo shoot! I plan on using this image for the home page of a new website I am paying to be designed as we speak- my company website! Hope you like....

PS- Can anyone guess what industry this new company website is geared for based on the pic hahaha?

Photo Credits: Photography- My lovely boyfriend of course! ER Photo and Styling by muah duh

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