Monday, March 24

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Miami Beach circa 2008

Sorry for the absentee...I have been suckered into thinking that all posts need pictures to be quality posts. Bullshit! I have been finding and reading amazing blogs that are imageless..yes you heard right, imageless!! Did anyone check out my "Newly In Love With" blogroll yet to your left..well if you did you would have seen by now the unforgettable View From The Fourth Row...basically as hilarious as Emma, but vintage (as it started long ago and ended already) and more in depth juice..anyhow, my point being is that although I still am baffled at how Susie Bubble juggles 40 hours at a time consuming, detail-oriented career with a 3-post a day image heavy blog, with my new job that requires my full attention (not really, but getting caught is no fun either), I can at least pop in and say hello right...or...what's let's get to it!

First off..2 weeks into the job and I already got this, "Hey Hot Black Girl, how you doing today?" Now, I was in front of colleagues, so not only was it embarrassing, but um..hello! Did anyone hear I go home not really bothered by it until I tell my fiance casually what happened and he is all like "Oh my gosh, did you tell your boss! You have to tell your boss! Seriously!" and I was like "Damn right I do!" but I still didn't think he cared so much about it, and got proven right as soon as I said, "and he is black too" Then my boyfriend lets out this weird sound that can only be described as relief mixed with mockery, "Oh, he's black? Leti, c'mon!"

Excuse me!

Since when is it okay for totally inappropriate work behavior to go permitted because two people are the same race? Did I miss some memo before signing up for this job? I tried to explain this to the highly-against-even-the-slightest-amount-of-racism-boyfriend...until he finally got my point. Now I would like to hear your thoughts....its not because he said black girl, or the fact that he is black, it is everything I right?

***I just typed a whole mess for you and darn thing got deleted by accident..I'm so not in the mood, but will try to do it again..ugh!!***

Moving on...did I mention I am building a photography studio for my boyfriend (yes best darn girlfriend in town, you can go ahead and boast that you know a celebrity now) which started off with the Digital Rebel camera you might have heard of because its all the rage right now..or was a few months ago, and so naturally he is already on Amazon looking for more expensive, more raging cameras for me to buy (must interrupt to bring you this message...last night while for the upteenth time that he was begging me to buy him the photography book (yes I am woman with power of money, hear me roar!) he said "c'mon Leti its the HOTTEST book right first glance he is your average hetero alpha male, but dammit I turned another one..woot woot) so he can learn more and keep enhancing his skills. We did some awesome test shots yesterday, the results of which I will share on Friday when he finishes editing them. I can only mention that I think I make a damn fine model..or would anyway if and when they finally accept ethnic and minority models in national publications and stop saying they do because they place Chanel Iman in every freakin Teen Vogue, Bazaar and Elle on the planet...c'mon, her name is Chanel Iman..need I remind you that they just so happen to find those perfectly white looking black models (I think we all remember the Beyonce ads for L'Oreal..don't lie). I am not going to go there, but until they stop claiming they are doing the minority races justice by hiring these models and then photo editing them to death with lighter skin, different nose, chin and forehead, please don't insult our intelligence. (Oh which brings me to another for those test shots I was telling you about, of course a girl had to get her hair done, nails ready and look for fool-me-once you know it took me 2 hours in a freakin CVS and Walgreens to find makeup that was slightly close to my skin color...this is BULLSHIT. Not to mention the fact that they don't sell Iman's (yes the real one) line of cosmetics anymore, and as for the Queen Collection for CoverGirl by Queen Latifah...well, her picture is still there but ain't no queenish makeup to be found..they don't even have foundation darker than beige..Beige!! HELLO! where exactly are working class citizens suppose to get their makeup. Granted I go to Sephora and am a MAC girl myself, but this is an outrage to have to spend $100 (because I did) on various colors that you would have to blend hoping to make a match...I am not a makeup artist...I don't want to freakin blend..All these magazines like Oprah and Essence that show makeup galore..where is it? Don't even get me started on the last 4 Allure magazines I bought that have nothing but pure porcelain white women! I mean I love love all races..but c'mon...BS..totally). Anyway, like I was saying..the studio will keep growing. We are buying more lights this weekend to go with the beginner light kit I already got, then some cool backgrounds.. which I will..because thanks to my new job, I feel like the sky is the limit. Which brings me to Lesson #1. Ladies, if you are as ambitious as I am (but take it down a notch, because my level of ambition is not at all healthy..will get to that later) then please get your ass a job and stop trippin'. Yeah you heard me..Paris Hilton is not going to appear out of nowhere claiming you are her long lost half get your head out of the clouds and down to a 9-5 (unfortunately I do 10-7..who made these schedules anyway..Satan?) but not just any 9-5, it took me 13 jobs to find this one (oh you know, a mix of being fired and quitting because I am too cool for them) and life couldn't be better when you have a quality, well-paying job you deserve that puts a few extra bucks in your pocket for hobbies...likeeeeeee

I want to be a Creative Director..that's my new goal. After finally accepting the fact that I am a perfectionist (no really...I took the quiz in Glamour magazine and they told me so) and need to stop the self-destruction perfecting behavior like perfect blog with perfect images, perfect business with blah blah blah..I rather be normal and calm the fuck down ya know. Especially when perfectionists are annoying and people take your ambition as arrogance. No no no no, not anymore. With my new aspiring title of Creative Director, I am allowed the following: wardrobe styling, fashion journalism, photography and team management. So my first step towards this goal is to buy a portfolio (I usually don't share my gold mines, but this one is too much to keep to myself..for all you photogs, models, or artists that need statement books, look no further: ) and filling it with creative power that shows my ability to solve problems, create stories and style accordingly. This is all leading up to a big meeting with one of Miami's prestigious agencies. If I could get accepted, the world would start raining pink cotton candy...that's how amazing it would be for me. Then I could spend the rest of my time until moving to London just working on the jobs they get me and enjoying my accomplishments. But let's not get ahead of step at a time

I am curious to know, what are your dreams and goals?


LBIC said...

Hi! New to your blog.

I wanted to be a photographer when I was in high school. I had a studio in my house and took a bunch of classes. Then I went to college and did my major in journalism. Now I'm thinking of switching to Psychology with a minor in human sexuality. So I basically want to be a sex columnist. Not really Carrie Bradshaw style, but something more helpful. Like Dr. Ruth. Minus the wrinkles. lol

Letitia said...

Wow, what a whirlwind..sounds a little like myself right now..and the funny thing is I think..maybe even know..that I will end up like that..totally different than where I started..maybe not Dr. Ruth lol, but a professor or politician..with the way the world is right now, its hard to think only of fashion and not want to make more impacting changes

ps- whats wrong with your url???