Monday, March 17

What's New Mondays

So I was recently wondering just how Susie Bubble does it? Susie, if you are reading, help a girl out. You work at a wonderful and fruitful digital advertising company and find the time daily to rant on about your lovely fashion sense. But me, here in my new digital design job with the stereotypical cubicle…. cannot even find time to check my online banking statement (well more than twice anyway). Given, it’s a bunch of artsy fartsy pants I work for, with video games and junk food galore, but I still must work. Anywho, I digress. Just coming upon all these infinite fashion blogs of presumably successful and therefore busy people, where do we get the time to blog? Either way, I’m glad whoever you are that writes fantastic gibberish keeps on keeping on. So please find your way to the newly added blogroll to your left titled “Newly In Love With” where you will find blogs I stumble upon and its love at first glance..literally. I only add blogs here that totally captivate me, because unfornutalely out of 8 million and growing, only a handful of blogs have worthy content not including the Beckahms latest outfit and gallery slideshows that are already sliding across America for the upteenth time.