Friday, March 14

Week-in-Review Fridays

Miami Beach circa 2008

What a week huh? Ok so that was posed as a question, but ofcorse you have no idea how my week went..thus I must share! More like what a whirlwind month (but I just started this whole Week in Review feature so bear with me...a girl has to catch up eh). So we started off with this post where I vowed to stop procrastinating about one of my many dreams (though be it already came true in some shape and form when was created) of being a fashion stylist...perfectly coinciding with my love of fashion journalism (of which will be further enhanced by my education at the prestigious University of the Arts London this coming fall....delayed I know). So anyway, a click and a shop away landed me six gigs with an L.A. photographer working with all the top models in Miami Beach. Naturally the one I was raving about in the aforementioned post was so TOP she couldn't even become available...but no worries, soon I will be so TOP myself I will summon her to my headquarters...(I don't really have headquarters, hoping you know that). It started off quite easily actually..a little shopping here, borrowing there, until ofcorse I returned the lovely wares to the consignment store borrowed from, only to find out the measly $150 that I was being paid by the photographer (very frugal man) that I ofcorse used to rent the clothing on a fee (for decades this fee has been refundable upon return of items) would not be given back to me! Oh yes, you heard right..what I celebrated to bee my first income of a stylist was never actually in my possession long enough to freakin celebrate..turns out these bitches charge you..CHARGE give them press. HELLO! Are you serious..Nonetheless, I got over it and kept on renting...making sure the photog reimbursed me each time (please do this, don't feel passive aggressive and get taken advantage of like I almost did). In the end, its well worth the sacrifice for both when you sit back, relax, and see breathtaking photos that have your name written all over it. I would share more, but I assume I bore you already. If anyone cares to know how the shoots came about, drop a comment and a Part Deux shall commence.


PS- Yes, I'm the chocolate one fixing up the other chocolate one in all the pics. Wink.