Wednesday, March 26

Shopping Report Wednesdays


Miami Beach circa 2008

So you read about my outrage (post below) while shopping at CVS and Walgreens this past weekend for a small photo shoot with the boyfriend. Well, after much array, I did end up with some things...some good and some BAD things..naturally. I know its been all but decades since some of these first took place on shelves across America (and beyond..hi France!) but that won't stop me from saving a fashionable few from wasting their money on the crap that's out there. These pharmaceutical department stores are great for college students, stylists on the go, and anyone with a working woman's budget that wants to stock her medicine/makeup cabinet with some goodies. But be ware, for every Maybelline Great Lash, there are terrors that lurk.....

Note: Rating system is 1-10, 10 being highest and ...well duh....

Let's start with some good news..fruity tooty is still in! This Alba Coconut Lip Balm was about three bux (expensive for a tube) but worth every penny. I remember back in the day when these suckers were 99 cents on the corner. But with technology advances, comes inflation. I appreciate that when something so small and insignificant leaves my lips feeling smooth as rose petals with the aroma of a summer pina colada. The boyfriend loves it too. Always a plus. The scent is subtle to others, but fun for you. Even tasty at that! Double up and use as a perfume! That's what I call a bargain.....

Diamant Rating: 10

Maybelline Shadow Stylist may be the mother or all liners..if you like liners that are powdery, smoky, sometimes dusty substances. My review is based on the fact (through mostly recent experience) that powder cosmetics (besides pressed powder foundations) are notoriously messy. Whether its that fave eye shadow you stock up on, or that suntanned kiss glow bronzer...all powders make messes. With that said, I finally met my match while on the lookout for the perfect smoky eye. I have been trying to perfect the smoky eye for years now (I'm no artist, what can I say?) and working with amateur makeup artists has only proven my point that its a difficult task indeed. Well, not anymore because I am one step closer. This little wand is jam packed with highly pigmented hues from olive to black...with a steady hand, anyone can make smoky magic. I used it to line my lids on top and bottom, as well as smudge the corners. Result...well I feel like a Cover Girl...ooops!

Diamant Rating: 7

I have a long long story to tell that I was supposed to share last week but got distracted...something along the lines of "I read the most life changing book and am now vegetarian." (see Must-Reads to the left) Yes I know, most of you got the memo, and although like most, thinking I could never give up meat, I made the leap and already have amazing skin to prove it. REALLY. Ask my boyfriend...So part of this sisterhood includes embracing the organic and healthy lifestyle, from head to toe; inside and out. Well then thank goodness for those beauty companies that are catching the drift. Yes To Carrots is a new brand boasting minerals and vitamins with an all-natural complex. I still have more research to do on this line, but I bought the Exfoliating and Soothing Mud Mask with Vitamin C, claiming to leave skin noticeably smoother and rejuvenated. The word exfoliating is what got me since after my close-up (photo shoot) I realized my skin was rather bumpy. It didn't do anything to rid the mess, but I must admit, if you want your face to feel like a baby's bottom, this is the way to go.

Diamant Rating: 6

I won't even provide a link, because this brand is total shenanigans. Be ware, this is the most default pharmacy brand around..except for one product (look below). I was highly excited as they focus on eye products, and I am all about the eyes. I wanted something that would help give me the defined brows every girl dreams of mixed with some Dior Spring 2006 drama. These Perfection Stencils are a waste of time unless you have three or even four hands. With no adhesive help in sight, you are required to hold up the stencil to your face (this item is plastic by the way...sliding factor is great) while filling in with brow product of choice..gel, powders, liner, what have you. Well can anyone tell me how I am suppose to hold up a flat object to my round face? Didn't think so. At one point I thought of taping it down, but there is something called integrity.

Diamant Rating: 1

I came home with three Ardell products, and this is my absolute fave! The Brow Defining Powder worked wonders on my barely-there eyebrows. Not quite as severe as Dior's brow monstrosities, but if there was ever a need for the ready-to-wear version, this is it! Perfect for everyday use, and on set when layering leads to beauty fun, this little guy goes a long way. Each one comes with the helpful slanted brush (synthetic) that perfectly works the edges of my brows and creates the thin tip I like for my face shape. Again, this is a powder, so the con was that it will drip everywhere if you are not careful. During the shoot I found fleck on my cheeks...and lord knows getting on clothes is life threatening for a stylist.

Diamant Rating: 9

On the old version of my L Report blog, I did a beauty report of the top 5 essential makeup bag must-haves. Maybelline makes every list for every girl. There is something for everyone. After researching the history of mascara, turns out Maybelline were the pioneers (though Rimmel made the actual formula) creating the wand and applicator for a very useful package. After Great Lash came out, it only got better and better as technology advanced. Waterproof, Curling, Lengthening. I am curios to try Lancome and MAX Factor, but I am just too satisfied to start an affair. The XXL Curl Power Mascara is double the fun and results. I didn't really see any curling affect (you should use a curl clamp anyway..duh) but the photos afterwards were proof enough. Especially when the boyfriend was goo-goo-ga-ga over my eyes. Thanks Maybelline!

Diamant Rating: 8

Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse...oh what can I say? This is too good for words. Hopefully their expertly created TV ad well as print..has suckered you into at least trying it, but one look was all I needed. Both fingers and foundation brushes work great with this delightful treat. I even used it under liquid foundation as a concealer. How can you resist. My face looked like pure velvety chocolate. Don't ask me how they do it, but it goes on smooth like batter and dries a light, fluffy powdery texture. All I can say is, stop reading..go buy it!

Diamant Rating: 10


Molly :] said...

I have the matte mouse but i dont find it so good. it seems to make my skin look a bit dry?
i am loving thier new mineral foundation though. :) x

Letitia said...

omg Molly thats so funny..this all started because I bought the mineral makeup and HAATED it I say..everyone has different skin, expecially different races..the matte mousse is perfect for me since I'm dark and oily, and I guess the mineral works for your fair and dry!


Nicole Then said...

haha, i tried that eye brow stencil thing. it was totally lame!

stylish life said...

I think people have different skin, expecially different races the matte mousse is perfect for me since I'm dark and oily, and I select this product perfect for my skin.