Wednesday, March 12

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Extra volume in clothing is everywhere for the upcoming fall season. The general silhouette is showing a growing acceptance of fullness in all areas. That easy fullness is likely to last a year or so before it begins to deflate to more form fitting lines again.

Rules for Wearing Volume Fall '08

Fashion Wardrobe Tip
- Whatever your physique the trick to carrying off volume is to avoid choosing a garment that makes the body look over burdened with masses of fabric. You do not want to look like a walking duvet!

-If you have a wide collar opt for a streamlined look below the collar line.
-If you have volume in your sleeves try to have some waist definition.
-If you wear full wide trousers, top them with a body defining neat top or a cropped jacket.
-If you wear skinny jeans or leggings you can afford to have a more voluminous garment like a down puffy parka or fur trimmed jacket on the top half.
-If you have good waist, but saddle bag thighs cover the thighs with a cinched waist fuller skirt with hemline interest.
-Wear volume to look up to date, but wear volume in moderation.
-Think of this volume in moderation rule before you buy.

Speechless Elbow-sleeve Knit Dress $29.00 @
Karen Scott 'Layla' Flat $29.50 @ Macy'
Quilted Barrell Bag $48.00
Opaque tights $12.50 @
Earrings and Gold Owl Necklace w/ruby eyes $14.05 @

Sarah Turtleneck $26.50 @
SS Turtleneck and Woven Skirt $22.80 @
Boots @32.99 @
Village Pom Beret and Granny Satchel @58.00 @

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