Thursday, March 13

Gallery Thursdays

Miami Beach circa 2008

As previously stated in my speak-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace brutally honest post, you learned its quite the battle for me running two blogs, an online store, aspiring to journalistic stardom (not really) and slaving over a full time 42 hours a week day job. But no worries, I’m a man with a plan (woman didn’t sound as sweet). Along with Gallery Thursdays which seems to be passing over well (and might I add you may also remember in that brutal post that I had some fashion photo shoots in the works, so stay tuned for tonight because as promised the results are in..this week's Gallery Thursdays will have a personal own fashion photography and styling! woot woot), there will be Week In Review Fridays, What’s New Mondays (only fitting since weekends should be…well, you know..), Shopping Report Wednesdays and a little jumbo surprise in between. This is my online journal after all right?

PS- Yes the image above is a sneak preview of my very own art directed, styled and all around "I-am so-proud-to-be-the-shit-right-now-but-not-really" photo.


Hey babes, here are my resulting photo shoot images from the past month. I did a total of 5 shoots and although totally exhausting and sometimes bordering nervous breakdown, it was well worth it. Sorry I can't put up the best images or show the edited ones since the internet has a bad rap of thieves stealing other people's shit, but you will see them soon enough in some hot off the press editorial and ofcorse for the launch of my renovated

Images are copyrighted and watermarked


Kristin said...

I emailed you guys back... sorry it took so long.

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

Your work is amazing and I didn't know you lived in Miami! That's great. I will check you out one day for some photos. I'll add your link to my site. Do you mind exchanging banners?

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

Oh, the site is

Letitia said...

I linked you Leanne! thanks for stopping by :)