Wednesday, February 27

"Too Late For New Year's Resolutions"

Miami Beach circa 2008

So in light of the recent negative press about my baby ( I've decided depression doesn't look good on me. I'll never get a date looking like frown the clown. So what did I do? Well, watch a marathon run of Sex and the City ofcorse! Ok so you know that episode where Charlotte thinks she will never find love and drags Carrie to that love guru lady..and she's all like "Oh Charlotte you need to put yourself out there"..and Charlotte is like "But I am" and the crazy bitch wasting peoples time is all like "No I mean REALLY PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE"..and before Charlotte can start crying Carrie defends her in that cool macho woman thing she does so well? know what I'm talking about. So I figured..hell! This must be true for love and life in general. So last night I put myself out there, (not on a pedestal..more like on and guess what, that crazy bitch was right! If for one moment you stop feeling sorry for yourself and actually do something to make your voice heard, people actually listen. Thanks to three minutes of my time and a free ad, I just booked myself 4 gigs as a fashion stylist on some upcoming shoots with supermodels-in-the-making and famous photographers. I know, I know..I'm too cool for school. Isn't this girl (my model for the shoot) below gorgeous! My lord!! Can anyone say Future Karen Elson....

Stay tuned..I'll be sharing my ideas for the shoot soon..and will need some help!