Thursday, February 21

Please Welcome To The Stage "Diamnt Noir For Bombazine Doll"!!

Miami Beach circa 2008

I don't know why its so hard for bloggers to stay focused on their blogs. Its only now that I realize how lucky we are to have free therapy. I mean who wouldn't want to blab away about fashion, love, and...well...more fashion while all the world listens (mostly me listening to myself) and chimes in? So I'm back..from know the rest. And boy is there much to tell. Long story short..people are crazy! The world needs a serious chill pill. Can I get an amen......

So like I said, allot happens in this little life of mine, but I can't be so self-centered as to not make time to share all the details right? (does that make sense or was that hypocritical) Anyway, I have a vision for this frivolous, meaningless, needle in a haystack of a blog..and it includes boring you ALL with insight into my DAILY fashionable life. I am now merging Diamant Noir with Bombazine Doll to make this the best fashion blog ever! Yes you heard right....In a nutshell my name is Letitia and I am a confused gregarious fashion-addicted 20-something year old with way too many aspirations (please read my profile to the right and learn more) and I figure there must be soemone who wants to know how I do what I do. At least I hope so. But if not, no worries, this can be my little online diary either way. So listen up! I have an online blogzine called The L Report (currently abandoned because I'm here with you now), an online store called Indie Coterie (currently being renovated) I work at Wilhelmina Modeling Agencies full-time (when do I sleep you ask?) recently accepted to London College of Fashion for fashion journalism based on looks alone (ok not really) and in Miami Beach for love and nothing else, until the wee old summer whips around and then I'm off to of...well..not sure really. My goal is to own an empire full of fashion, photography, styling, shopping, design, and on and on and on. You get my point. Wherever the wind takes me I shall go...but trust me the wind comes you might want to grab some popcorn.

Enjoy the ride!!

Photo Credit: Ofcorse taken by moi for Indie Coterie. New Fall 08 arrival by Os Os Clothing.


alexgirl said...

You are hilarious! I totally agree about the free therapy, except my blogs not anonymous, so I can never get tooo honest! haha.
And I wish you luck on one day owning that fantastic empire.

Letitia said...

yay! glad you think now i dont have to use that expression "boy, i crack myself up" *knee slap*..and hopefully we both get in on that whole empire thing eh? :)