Friday, February 22

"Learning To Love Brussel Sprouts"

Fall '08 Runways

BCBG Runway

Max Azria Collection

Well, well what do we have here. Seems there's a traitor in our midst. Don't get your thong in a twist (yes, you too Benjamin). Its just me. But the 2008 me just so happens to have a secret love affair with BCBG...yet another made-in-china, stock market greedy, inventorially (not a word I know) over saturated, filtered down brand. But ya know, let's share the love for once, not pass judgment. Sure, BCBG has as many corporate ethics as childe-labor-lovin The Gap and as many original designs concepts as Target, but I now realize although I am not rich, BCBG is an amazing store for shoppers in the $50,000 per year bracket...(maybe even less if you're like me and starve for clothing). So who's to say a simple rayon tank that's two hundred smakaroos isn't perfect for someone who is completely oblivious to the value of money (no offense). Some day down the road when success comes my way, I'll finally afford some covetable DVF and 3.1 phillip lim pieces, and surely somewhere between 5th Avenue and bankruptcy, I'll take a looksy inside BCBG and end up with a delectable impulsive buy just because I can. So now that we got that out of the way and everyone is in their place (those of us broke as hell in one corner...the others in Chanel suits laughing and pointing in the other) lets hear a brief synopsis shall we? Right off the boat (ok not was a plane..first class) and not yet one week in Miami, I landed a job in sales at BCBG in South Beach. Our uniform was a requirement of 3 BCBG pieces each day, and this sweety was no Dior...its not like they gave us an expense account or something, just a measly discount that still didnt get me anything until 3 months into the job. Long story short, being harassed by management, threatened by price points and forced into bad fashion was not the best way to start off my relationship with MR. Max Azria. Quit the job (fired? hmmm, same thing right) and cursed that brand all the way home. But,

However, I am in love with Max Azria. Whatever he's drinking (copying?) is working, because these collections he has been whipping out are fantabulous. Don't get me wrong, nothing has changed about the whole made-in-Timbuktu phenomenon, but let's appreciate the brand for what it is. Legend has it Mr. Azria is the king of bohemia. His timeless take on the 60's era has earned him a following by everyone from vampire slaying Sarah Michelle Gellar to the cute Jewish girls right here on the beaches of Miami. Also notorious for dressing every celeb for their d-list red carpet events (as in events not including gold statues and crystal fountains) he has taken stake in eleven different mini-brands including BCBG Girls, the new (and personal faave) BCBG Runway, and not to mention the highly improved defunct Herve Leger that has taken Hollywood by storm (note: tried one on at Intermix, definitely worth every penny from the $900 price tag). My glorious boyfriend is their visual merchandiser, so needless to say I am always kept abreast of their latest and greatest inventory. You all are in-the-know so no need to undermine your intelligence with what his merchandising job entails, (we all have had our share of NYC Macys' windows right?) in fact I'm pretty sure 76% of the earth wants to be a freakin merchandiser (whats with that anyway?...ok I digress..back to the point). Yes, yes, its fun...but not as fun as cupcakes!!

Thought I would share with you a small look in time of BCBG's current seasons.

Each season I am more and more impressed. So impressed, you might remember my post about their highly delicious quilted bags (Chanel..pshtt..whatever!) with gold hardware that was to die for. Lord, I almost killed for one. Nonetheless, Spring 2008 at BCBG is looking pretty damn good
too. Their worst curse, but at the same time biggest blessing is that one needs to look past the cheaply produced look book images and actually make friends with the clothing. Touch, feel, try on! The place is practically a department store waiting to happen, so trust me, playing dress up with fifty pieces for an afternoon won't hurt. This is true for their resort collection. At first glance nothing more than Plain Jane, but once in the fitting rooms its a princess' delight. Some of my favorite looks are this ageless rendition of the lingerie trend. So effortlessly chic you'll look in this black chiffon shift and gladiators for day or Loboutin wannabees for night. A must-have (and I mean MUST-HAVE) top is this cream chiffon

blouse with black ribbon detail. Paired with skinny jeans, patent pumps, messy bed hair and headbands, all the construction workers will sure be whistling your way. Throw a leather jacket over for a breezy date evening, or buy it one size too big for that electric belt stashed in your closet that will add a pop of color. Other pieces to give your wardrobe a pick-me-up are the oens below. The most precious babydoll you ever did see, or perhaps "I'm-so-Monte-Carlo-in-this-long-and-flowy-dress" dress.

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