Friday, February 22

Justified?...No Not Timberlakes Album

Can someone tell me why the outfit to the right is a mere...oh I don't know..$20,000!!! Look. I know some of us dimwits don't know money from paper, but here is a little brief 101. If you have 20k layin' around, please don't walk into Bergdorf Goodman and hand it to the cashier....the charity you were looking for is two doors down. I mean, I don't know what magazine this is from, but their lofty product descriptions are very, very sneaky.....leading us to believe the jacket is some sort of hidden BMW and the pants turn into IPhones. Don't get me wrong, if I were filthy rich, my fave designers would indeed be Giambattista Valli (of whom created the masterpiece of a jacket) and none other than the magnificent Alaia, but after this outfit parades in your closet, how many years do you have to wait to shop again? 10? 30? Incarnated to the next lifetime?

Well, is it just me? What do you think....has semi-couture really earned this much value? The industry has even smothered what the definition of semi-couture means. "Oh because they only made one hundred of them..with a waiting be sold exclusively in one store, I think I'll wait to pay my mortgage until next year and buy those lovely leather pants!" says the shopper with no in the middle of Texas.

Giambattista Valli charcoal-and-yellow
graphic print wool crepe trench coat ($4,050).
Black stretch silk-knit turtleneck ($625)
available at Blake. Louis Vuitton black leather
pants ($3,200).Vincente Agor diamond and
gold leaf bracelet ($9,000) at Saks Fifth Avenue.
Claudia Ciuti bronze and steelmetallic leather
heels with tuxedo bow detail ($276) at


Karinaxoxo said...

while people are dumb enough to pay that - the prices will continue to rise!

Letitia said...

oh gosh i hope not! but thats what i'm saying it in anyway justified and only us normal folk think its stupid? thats the argument im trying to solve...