Thursday, February 28

"In Case You Were Wondering"

Miami Beach circa 2008

In case some people were wondering..yes, I am real lol. I read some disturbing comments today from another fashion blog that is writing about me that they think I brag allot and my writing is horrible because I mi spell some words. Hmmm..well decided to take it old school like Susie Bubble did back in the day (member that horrific stalker man that would not leave her alone and said she would amount to nothing in the fashion world?) and look at her now! Stylist, buyer, editor..not to mention all-around great that's why I will be doing a feature on her tomorrow with all the juice you never drank..(ok I mean all the gossip you never heard, you get my point) and then I think its time to spin the wheel on myself and share how I came to be..since it seems..well, some people want to know. And if you don't, then read somewhere else!

PS- Good God, am I the only one starting to look like a spitting image of my mother?

PSS- Just had to correct my spelling..noticed I wrote as instead of is..yup, that girl is right, I'll never reach journalism hoo..hope any of you doubting yourselves do not listen to commenters that comment under the name anonymous..(UPDATE, case in point..just found this in my december post: Anonymous said... wtf this blog sucks ever since u took over u barely ever update and u just talk about ur other blogi miss the days when this blog wuz good.
8:38 PM ) that was the case with Susie as well..isn't it funny how those who have the worse to say can't even admit who they are..none more true than on Cathy Horn's blog..poor girl

Scarf: Pucci available at

Tank: Calvin Klein

(not that you cared, but its a fashion blog after all hehehe)

......Deep in thought................. The famous Susie pose................. HUH?


molly said...

you look GORGEOUS
oh and getting haters just means youre getting somewhere!

Letitia said...

can i just are gorgeous just for taking the time to make me feel better! big hugs to you molly lol

Ana said...

an interview sounds great!

Letitia said...

email me ana! thelreport (@) gmail


Emma said...

nobody is going to hate you unless your a threat

Letitia said...

what kind of threat emma? and girly..where are your posts lol!!

Kira Fashion said...

great scarf look!!!

love it!

a kiss

keep in touch!


Aleks said...

great interview and love those pics...
keep it up, Aleks

LBIC said...

People are going to hate regardless. It gives their small brains something "meaningful" to do.

P.S. - You look gorgeous. Love the scarf.

fashionistakay said...

your pics are so funny, i mean that in the best sense of course. and my arent u stylish!