Thursday, February 21

Color Of The Moment: Spring 2008

Just thought I would share what I think to be the most fabulous color of the season..(along with canary yellow, strawberry pink, and heavenly neutrals of course). I was flipping through the latest Bazaar and my mouth dropped (no boyfriend had to pick it up for me)..not that I am crazy for Versace (not that I would know since I am sooo lazy, I haven't even checked out fall 2008, let alone the spring shows yet) but I am crazy for her keen take on what women of all colors (being as though I am chocolate, not too many colors look good on me) will look good in this season..not just tan-as-hell Paris Hilton. So yay for all of us Latin, Asian, middle eastern, and anyone (everyone?) else I left out who now has a breathtaking hue to call their own. And I should know, because quite frankly it took my breath away.

Plain and simple at Jil Sander.

On sale at Shopbop for only $183.

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Nicole Then said...

i'd love to paint my nails royal blue. haha

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