Thursday, December 27

Xteal Her Style

Introducing Xteal Her style! (you know, steal but with an x, come one work with me) It is my pleasure to use my styling expertise to recreate some really savvy celeb looks that won't break our bank.

Here you will find Demi Moore looking ravishingly classic in a Chanel tweed jacket and pleated chiffon dress. Not, of course, missing out on on the finishing gold touches that bring it down to a modern edge. Well, wouldn't we all like to afford Chanel, but sadly we can't, at least not everyday like Ms. Moore can. But if you are interested, I've tried my hand at putting together some inspiring cast-offs for the many different fashionistas out there.

Urban. Glam. Classic.

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Nicole Then said...

I love houndstooth, not bad ;)