Sunday, December 23

My New Obsession That I Have To Share


tambo1.jpgYou know, sometimes I take for granted the phenomenon that is eBay. I can admit, in my quest for the ultimate avant-garde luxury indie brands and companies, I tend, or choose to overlook Ebay sellers and their online stores. This all changed when I randomly came across Mama Stone Vintage. So random in fact, I have no remembrance of how I found them some weeks ago. Since that long forgotten day, I took a chance and signed up for yet another email newsletter, probably the fifth in the category of shopping alone.

So honestly at first, the newsletters didn't quite tickle my fancy, as only one or two items caught my eye, but not long enough to actually purchase or even peruse the rest of the inventory. As weeks passed, I started to take note of their consistent downtown NYC artsy vibe and well-edited collections. The verdict now? Although I haven't really searched through the abyss of listings, I must say Mama Stone Vintage is the best eBay store I have seen thus far.

What is even more impressive is their initiative to have a website with a look book for current looks, which really sets them apart from other eBay sellers whose main goal in life is to be just a..well, eBay seller. There is only so much you can do with the storefront they provide you, so I think Mama Stone Vintage is definitely taking steps in the right direction and shows signs of longevity in the online shopping arena. Stay tuned for our profile on the company, but in the mean time, please do yourself a favor and shop! Oh, and take a sneak peak at her current collection in our lookbook below!