Thursday, December 27

Looking Back

Who needs grunge when you can be refined. And what's with nostalgia when we can look to the future. And no we're not talking police sirens mama. Designers were dishing the untouchable old holloywood glamor crimson lips, diva hair, grown-up glamor siren of the 1940's all year. Now that it has finally cooled off, I would love to know what you guys thought of this everlasting and monumental trend. Did anyone take hold of it and try their own spin?

Anywho, I liked to call it Future 40's. Think you don't have what it takes to pull off this bourgeois beauty,well maybe you don't, (what did you think I was going to say, this isn't a motivational speaking blog), but if you do have balls and the brains (maybe not both) you have a chance of knocking some socks off. The whole point is not looking too costumey or nostalgic for everyday. Pair attention detailed painted lips with messy bed hair or Veronica Lake waves with neon make-up, jeans and a white tank. Individual style is key, make everything your own and dive into DIYs. But don't look stupid. If you really want hot off-the-runway hair, call a salon ladies!


Kristin said...

mmm yes. the 40's was extremely hot this season. i love your blog!!

if you'd be interested, i'd love to exchange links!

Letitia said...

it was indeed..thanks for the compliment and come back soon! i would love to exchange links :-)

Ana said...

yes the 40's are fabbb
i love red lips
stop by my blog

miss fashion said...

i have to say, i am a fan of the red lips. but they have to suit your face.

check out my blog! new post

alexgirl said...

fab post. I love the veronica lake hair. So sexy, but kind of hard to pull of on ones own.
Happy New Year!!!

The Redheaded Bandit said...

would u like to exchange links??

Cee-Cee said...

i love your blog! great post , i was thinking of doing a post on smth along the lines of what you did.

Anthony said...


Love your blog!!
Wanna trade links?? :-)

Ana said...

the 40's were so glam.

you never reply to comments :-( :-(

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Molly ;) said...

Nice Post!
Your really good at the whole graphics thing =]
I did love the trend, im a fan of the whole red lippy thing, but i was never ready enough to go the whole way [a la christina aguilera]

Molly xo.

Anonymous said...

I dont get it, who's letitia, I thought this was alisons blog.

Letitia said...

she let me take over because she was too busy...sorry i am busy too, but will be back soon. promise

Geisha said...

I love red lips, and anything 40's :D

Model Citzen said...

i love this look, and wish i could pull it off, but i don't have fair skin, and the red wouldn't do me justice. the whole 40's look really revolutionized xtina's look dont you think?

Letitia said...

thanks alexgirl and anthony..glad you guys like!! i want to do more posts like this soon...and model citizen, this post was about learning how to make the trend your own...didnt think i could pull it off either until seeing that beyonce and cate blanchett photo..woowzah! and yes, Christina is a whole new woman thanks to it :)