Sunday, December 23

Geren Ford


I love the sexiness women exude when they’re not even trying, only to be complimented endlessly on their envious style and natural charisma. You know the kind I mean- sitting at work buried in papers with a pencil in your ear, hair in a messy bun and the boss’ eyes involuntarily on your every move. And then the inevitable question, “Wow Karen, you look amazing, did you cut your hair or something?”


Well, if that happens to you time and time again, you must have already discovered the effortlessly chic collection of Geren Lockhart Ford. How her items aren’t already permanently sold out at the luxury boutiques that carry her from coast to coast, is beyond me, but better for you, still saves you time to stock your closet.

The L.A. based designer whose just said ‘hast la vista’ to her 12-year advertising career, has lent her talent to a brand that blends the concept of ready-to-wear with simple, yet painstakingly designed pieces that you would find in couture. There’s no doubt the quality is there, Geren experienced an invaluable fashion education at two of the best colleges in the world, Parsons in Manhattan and Otis in Los Angeles. Can anyone say overnight veteran?

Launched in 2002, her namesake line s designed with the thought that her ideal customer is a lead actress in her own cinematic story of life. Each garment is made to capture an emotion and translate seamlessly into any environment. And yes, when I say every environment, I mean the actual kinds we everyday fashionistas face, like while you’re actually working, living, playing or even relaxing at home with some girlfriends.

What I am head over heels for is the fact that Geren Ford’s collection pays no mind to our governing seasonal calendar- but not on purpose I’m sure. Its one of those bittersweet coincidences. Either way, its great news to hear that her Spring/Summer 2007 collection is still well translated way into Fall of 2007; heck, even Fall 2008. I’m confident enough to say that because once you see the garments, you’ll be sure to agree. For those with the insatiable need to have a ‘go anywhere, do anything’ wardrobe, each of your own (well, once you go out and buy it!) Ford pieces will instantly be found in your laundry hamper every week or tagging along on every quick, jet set excursion. Why? Well, why not!

Although ‘those that be’ would deem the following irrelevant, I don’t follow trends, calendars or people for that matter, and this trait of mine carries over into my reports, so I will talk about it anyway. The Spring/Summer 2007 collection (of which still looks good this month, and the next, and the next..) boasts luxuriously easy shirt dresses and ‘Oh so Monte Carlo’ white short shorts. But of course, my ultimate favorites were the obsessively belted styled ensembles. I personally belt absolutely everything as a trademark final stamp of ladylike sophistication. Surely no one has done it better than Ford herself this year. Think Michael Kors meets Rachel Roy. I have never seen a collection so well edited with a get-out-of-bet-and-look-fabulous sensibility.


Veronica said...

FINALLY....someone else acknowledges the greatness of Geren Ford. I have been buying Geren Ford at Bleu in LA for the past two years. The simplicistic cuts and sexy silks that are everpresent...carry on this flawless look. Love love loves it.

ambika said...

*Love* Geren Ford. Every time I see something on ShopBop that I love, I look closer and realize it's Geren Ford. Without fail.