Friday, November 30

New Fashion Boutique!!

Miami Beach circa 2007

So turns out, not only do I love to shop, but I love to help others shop (become broke, get in debt, neglect families....etc)...hence all the blog shenanigans like The L Report and Bombazine as well as the new Diamnat Noir blog. Any who, do excuse my sometimes trifling absences, as I am launching a new online boutique, something I literally have been planning since I was like 11 years old (no really...member how I said I finally cleaned my closet in the post below, well also found all my old "goal" journals- a habit I also wish upon everyone- and it lists by date all the goals I wanted to accomplish by a certain age, very similar to what my new fave gal pal The Shiny Squirrel is doing). It will be the one-stop shop for truly talented and covetable independent designers. I know, I know, I'm too damn busy for my own good......and I haven't even started college, (but this again does not mean I am not of or exceeding college age, I'm actually quite terrified to start as I will be the maternal wisdom tooth of all my classes....pulling up pants on the gents and stopping unnecessary gossip from interfering with my goal- graduating- you know..that thing that US census statistics say is decreasing by the semester...hmmmm). But I thought I told you that I won't stop (thanks Diddy).

Till next time....


Well, well. If it isn't Ms. Jack of all trades herself. Don't be jealous, just shop!

Launches December 1, 2007. And yes, there will be lots of special favoritism for Diamant Noir and Bombazine Doll readers...all kinds of secret codes and insider updates.....but can anyone say discount? And if you are at all in the know, you might have heard our lovely Diana of So Fashon is very avant-garde in her own right.....and of course I am helping to launch her debut Spring/Summer 2008 collection exclusively with us. Like nothing you have seen before, but everything you expect. I will come back later today with all the trials and tribulations so far (boy are there many) but don't forget the 12-step program is coming up as well. Stay tuned!

PS- Any designers out there shout me a holler. (that is the street slang for email right? I can't keep up)


Tru said...

good for you

Anonymous said...

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