Tuesday, October 30

Collegiate Street

Finally a designer trend the average fashionista can take to the bank! Or at least withdraw funds from to get in on the action.. And boy do we mean action. This fall is all about menswear, sport, street, and school-boy (or girl) prep. The key is obviously layering and staying original. All you collar-popping students, its your time to shine. When shopping, choose a sport coat that is tailored specifically for women though, like the one you see to the right from J. Crew. No boys allowed in this jacket! The flattering look is for well-defined waists only. Add a dash of masculine style with this fall's standout. OXFORDS. The stacked heel adds just the right amount of feminine flair. And since the trend was so dominant this season, it looks like we had some competition on the runway. Which look did you like better, Balenciaga's slim-fit London punk or Phillip Lim's sophisticated A+ pedigree?


M said...

great first post! will definitely keep reading letitia!

Letitia said...

thanks so much M...I see so many people still visitng but no comments...was beginning to think they didnt like me already!? lol

do stay in touch

Ana said...

i adore this look
i hope you continue to blog

Letitia said...

thanks so much ana, hope you continue to visit!

TenderGirl said...

Balenciaga...beautifull look !!!
Well done!!