Wednesday, August 15

The inner ugly and the helping hand

Look darling readers, it's you! This is a snappy pie chart of all the different countries the traffic for Bombazine Doll comes from. Most of you are apparently Americano, and that is a pleasant coincidence because that's my favourite coffee drink! Hurray!

Wow, the response for the last post was amazing, I had no idea that the bitch that is denim buying was so universal. Thank you for all your comments, every time one's posted I get a little rush, I guess it's kind of like drugs... not that I would know what drugs were like...
Oh and I got some skinnies, they are dark and pretty and there will be pictures when my camera stops being an idiot.
So the reason for my small absence from B. D. was that I went camping. With my family. Let's just say it was a bucket of laughs. My 3 year old cousins convinced that she is a princess and therefore the most important person in the world, I put my bag with all my clothes too close to the edge of the tent so it got soggy and all had to wear were damp clothes, and my aunt wouldn't let my wear make-up because apparently that's breaking the 'camping rules'( "You're supposed to look ugly Alison, that's just how it is"). Yes, quite possibly the happiest weekend of my life. Which brings me to an interesting-ish question, how does one look fab in the wilderness, with no full length mirrors, no make-up and a severe lack of clothes because you're Hitler-esque father told you to pack light( apparently 3 bags isn't considered packing light anymore).

Well, I'm pretty sure one can't.

And there my friends is the proverbial fly in the ointment. Every morning putting my face on and getting dressed is as important a ritual as breakfast, so how do I suddenly let go? Is it impossible to embrace your inner ugly if you've spent most of your life shoving that person under two inches of foundation?

Wow, I'm in a very deep mood today. Yes, that for me is deep. On to even more materialistic things, I got a question in the last comments from Froydis, who said:

I have a fashion problem and I hope you can help! I live in Texas, where its summer like weather all year around, but my favorite fashion is that of fall with tights and jackets and such. Do you have any ideas how I could do a more climate friendly version of the latest fall looks? Thanks!

Well that is a dilemma isn't it. I live in Canadaland where it rains pretty much ten months of the year and then gets super hot for the other two, so I've never really encountered this problem, but I'll do my best, just for you.

Hot weather makes it pretty hard to wear tights, but not impossible. Just make sure that you're wearing light somewhat breathable tights a la Stella McCartney or Trovata instead of the huge knobbly ones that seem to radiate heat. Also, don't be tempted to go for the hideous leggings or *shudder* fishnets. If you're feeling a bit more daring, go for a coloured tight like dark blue or purple.

In place of a blazer, go for a dark lightweight cardy, they look very autumnish without bundling yourself up in a parka( AE Vintage Cardigan $49.50)

Over your tights and under your cardy throw on a snappy floaty dress, something with a pattern preferably.

Add some layered chains for extra awesomeness, and you're done!

Hope this helps a bit, Froydis. Thanks for giving me something to post about :)


Amy said...

coool (:

Ana said...

cool pie chart.haha the phrase pie chart makes me laugh. moving on i too have "packing light" problems. and where in england and france have you been..other than italy i've traveled to france (etretat,paris,giverney)england(kent and london) and the netherlands (we have a summerhouse there.) oh and was portugal nice???

Elizabeth said...

love the first dress! totally agree with you about the fall 2007 trends. love them all too!

M said...

love the post! I was so going to put that stella dress who have under Inspire Me under my inspriation thingy too! great minds think a like...

about the camping thing. you kinda find out you actually dont really need those things after a while after living away from civilasation. like my computer which i spend a lot of time on doing nth...

Emma said...

Loving the pie chart. I want some pie now.

jayne said...

woah, that is a serious pie chart! i'm impressed haha, and what can i say, america is a leader in the world everywhere! even in fashion blog land! ahaha! jk

and i love the AE cardigan, i guess AE can be good for some things these days ;)

Belle said...

My family and I go camping, every year with 5 other families. And we also have the no make-up rule.

Tru said...

how did you collect all that info for the pie chart??

Eli said...

it is extremely hot here in las vegas still. so i cant wait until the weather cools down so I can start wearing sweaters again.

Kat said...

Hmmm, I notice Ireland isn't on your pie chart, and I live there so, it must be in the 'unknown'. Oh well!!!

I totally know what you mean about overpacking. I recently went away for a weekend and brought about 20 different outfits and six pairs of shoes! The hardships of a fashionista...!

fashionistakay said...

Its funny you mention a cardigan. I actually want to get a couple myself. Namely from Target, but I like the one you chose too. new post is out!

Aisha said...

Can't wait to see your new skin ny jeans =)!! I bet they're great.

Peru isn't in the list either =( I guess i must be "other" ;)

I actually have no idea about my hits, do you know where can i check for them? =P. Help, pretty please? =P

I have never gone camping, but i've been to really small towns where there's no need to wear make-up or wearing great clothes but being confortable with sneakers and simple tees.


Mrs Fashion said...

Love the AE cardi and I love a good pie chart!
Mrs F x

the red monster said...

i would love to know were all the people that check out my blog come from alas i have not nearly as much people visit my blog : (

Madame Mode said...

Hey Alison,
thanks for you comment!
I'm still in Canada now, and I want to stay here forever haha
I'm in love with the big thriftstores and malls!!
We haven't been to Vancouver but I heard it is a really beautiful city!
We are now in Montreal and we also visited Ottawa, Toronto, Missassauga, Niagara Falls, Quebec and today we are driving to a national park somewhere above Montreal. So we did a lot of driving!
Have a good day!!
x Leonie

Bella said...

Ahhh....Pie charts, I was actually quite excited when I saw this one :)))....tights in hotness is unbearable...but fashion b4 comfort...:))

alexgirl said...

Hey, that was a pretty cool pie chart. It's fun to know where all the bloggers originate, eh?

And I love that white dress & black tights with red heels. So cute.
Awesome post! Hey, want to trade links?

Gloria said...

i luv stella, so i love this post!

Jennifer said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the ae cardigan it's so awesome. aww australia isn't on your traffic list well canada is, so the next best thing;)

12tabrams said...

tiffany says:
wow those dresses aer so pretty!!!
Rember Tiffany Loves Clayton