Sunday, June 24

just call me 'almost famous'

Song of the day: Not For All the Love in the World - The Thrills

Hey everybody, did I mention how much I love you guys? Well I do, A LOT. I love all the songs you recommended and my Apod is indeed refreshed and our love has been renewed.
Oh and as for the title, it goes with a bit of a story. I really should have put it in my random facts list, but I have a bit of an acting passion. I guess you could say it all started when I was ten and cast as the role of 'Allan the pirate' in the musical Treasure Island. I'm not even kidding. I was a singing pirate( Drawn on beards galore!). Then a year later I took a step up on the theatre food chain and landed the main role in the school play, yes, I was Alice in Wonderland. It made for a tich of confusion though because for a year afterwards half of the people in my school thought my real name was actually Alice. Which it's not. Anyways, my acting pursuits have dwindled to drama class in school, that is until yesterday.... (cue cloudy flashback bubble)

So a day before yesterday I heard this ad on the radio for some type of casting place that said they were having an open casting call. I thought, 'Hmmmmmm'( actual thought) and called the number and made a quick appointment. They said to dress 'upscale casual' so I wore my cute black wrap dress with some subtle yet gorgeous jewelery. My mom and I got to the place and went in, well, lets just say it wasn't quite what I expected. Basically it was a bunch of toddlers screaming while their mothers tried to convince everyone that it was really the kids idea to act( "Really! Little Johnny is such a performer!"), sprinkled with a few teens like myself. At fourteen I felt like a senior citizen. Anyways, everyone got a 3 minute interview, and when mine came up I felt confidentish and ready to go. Well, I went into this tiny office with a blonde woman who spoke REALLY loudly and she asked me why she should choose me. I mumbled something about being awesome and ended with a very smooth, "and well.. ya".
The blonde woman just kept staring at me. I felt like we were have a staring contest so I just stared back for a bit and then practically ran out of the room. Yeah, needless to say I thought I bombed the interview, and wasn't totally looking forward to the on-camera part. The camera part was basically me saying how awesome Pepsi is and then I was done.

When we were driving away I was basically thinking, "Well at least I tried.. and I didn't fall and flash everyone, which is a plus". So imagine my surprise when today on the phone they said they loved me and wanted me to come back! I was beyond excited and into the region of quite nearly insanely happy when then it came out. The acting agency wasn't an actual agency, but an 'acting school'. A very selective acting school. My family, while not complete hobos, could not afford the steep prices and hopes were dashed and such.

You know that line, 'smile though your heart is breaking'? It was kind of like that to me. I didn't know how much I was set on going to the school until I realized that I couldn't. If I have to say "I'm fine" one more time I might shoot myself in the face.

So this post is boring, and I promise I'll post something more interesting( with pictures :D) in a few days. I just had to type this out, it's my therapy.

xxo Alison


Emily ♥ said...

Hi- i actually already have you linked ! So, yes, of course... let's exchange links : )

lovely m said...

haha, i know exactly how you feel!

The Stiletto Effect said...

hey Alison :)
this wasnt a boring post, in fact i found it quite funny (until the last part) oh I wish you could go, but you know what?! from what i've read i imagine you'll have a bright future in front of you :)
You have a great blog, you act and sing... so!!! don't worry :)

onzey said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I found your posts quite interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Bojana said...

Nice blog :D

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

that is so kl! u got a second inteview! btw i love ur pic before ur posts so pretty!

jayne said...

nope, the post wasn't boring actually. it was really interesting and somewhat funny, not at the last part obviously. i've never known anyone to went to one of those, so it's cool hearing your experience. sorry, it didn't work out. but you can continue to do plays in highschool and college, maybe it will continue after that :)

ambika said...

Oh, disappointment! I've so felt the same way when people keep asking me if I'm ok, and I'm not ok but I have to say I am. Just adds to the frustration.

molly said...

wow very interesting story.
i used to be trying to break into acting so i know how you feel (sort of...i hate when people say 'i know how you feel' cuz they prolly dont)

isnt it nice to know you have what They need?

Geisha said...

OMG! I went to one of those agencies too, and also got picked, but my mom's close friend who is close to the agency basically said the school was sort of a scam.SO I didn't go- and didn't really care! Don't let things like that stop you- just keep applying to new agencies like me, an aspiring High School Musical 3 cast member! :)
(I love to act, sing and dance)

fashionistakay said...

Oh hun! Your posts could never be boring. Its funny you mention acting (and I'm totally being honest here) because I was thinking of taking classes just for fun. When I was younger I took classes (at like 5). My parents tell me that those "people" (ya know the ones that are in the business or whatev.) liked me. I stopped though, at the concern of my parents. The whole acting thing I guess and the environment and all. Hard to explain. But anyway, like the picture definitely depicts you somehow. You're so famous in my book though.

Jennifer said...

Don't let anything stop you, follow your dreams but yeah beware of those agencies...shady shady.

Sunniva said...

Not a boring post at all, sweetie! But I understand your disappointment, and I also hate it when people ask me if I am ok when they clearly see that it's not. But anyway, you have what it takes since you were accepted to a very selective acting school. You should be so proud, and it should just motivate you more to go for your dream.

I can't wait to see you in great Hollywood movies in a few years time, hun! ;)

maya said...

this post wasn't boring at all, don't be silly.
i love the thrills, their album is constantly playing in my room.

fashionistakay said...

hey me again!asking if i could link you. so may I?