Monday, June 4

answering is the best part

Hi everybody! I'm sooo sorry I've been so incredibly absent of late, but there has been a lot of stuff going on in my( extremely fascinating) life. I had to memorize a monologue from Rom and Jules for English('... that which we call a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet...'); my bestest palio from ye old home( my old hometown) came over and we went to the mall about 4 times in between swimming and walking around getting honked at( LOL I'm actually serious); and I had the biggest spazziest fight with my mom and couldn't come out of my room for a day because I had barracaded myself in there and couldn't get out.

Anyways, I've been busy and that's why I haven't posted in a loooong time. Well actually only like 15 days but that seems like a really long time to me for some reason.
Well, you remember of course the Q + A section I intoduces a few posts back? I did actually end up getting a few questions and now that the 'Q' is well and done with I will move on to the 'A'.

Questions.... ANSWERED!!!!( muhahahaha)

1. Emma asked: "Why is your blog so awesome?

Well Emma, I guess it just is. LOL ahahahahaha you make me laugh alot. Sorry, it's just the thought that anything about me or that I do could be awesome that is tres tres amusant

2. Memily Edd asked: "Where is Jaslene from? What state? or town or whatever?"

This one I had to google! Jaslene is from Chicago, which I'm pretty sure is in Illinois? I do not know as I am not from Americaland and I'm also very bad at geoggers.

3. Sara asked: 1. What is the one item of clothing you cant live without and 2. whats your favorite makeup product?

The one item of clothing I can't live without....hmmm.... Right now I have this really cute light grey dress with those coolio side pockets that I definitely couldn't live without in the extremely hot weather. And for makeup, I'm a total lip-lady. You know there are lip-ladies and skin-sluts and eyegasm-ers and so on and so forth. I really couldn't go a day without my burts bees lip chap( it's minty!) and some clear lip gloss.

4. And finally, Moose on the Loose asked: Can you give me some tips on how to really work this basic black T-shirt dress I have?
I have one word for you: accessories. I'm talking bright earrings, bangles, a pop-y bag( I prefer turquoise) and some killer shoes.

Christian Louboutin Metallic Hobo

Moschino Medium Leather Shoulder Bag

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Clutch

Ippolita Turquoise Shield Charm Necklace

John Hardy Dot Nuansa Drop Earrings

Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane Pump Dolce Bita 'Czarina' Flat

Basically, just pair it with some bright accessories; the colour scheme is up to you.

Well that's it for me. Oh except I gotta say that I am having some difficulty putting up a header picture, I gave in and used blogger's 'easy-to-use' layout thingy and now I have no header picture.



lovely m said...

oh i know what you mean, i was so used to putting the html in to the template that converting to the new way was very confusing. but you succeeded! and it looks v nice. also you are right Chicago is in Illinois, you know more than you think. :)

Model Citzen said...

oh god, i'd help you but i don't even remember how i did it. i just googled "how to insert a header in blogger" and voila! i've been dying for that nancy gonzalez handbag. perfection.

coco said...

i love that dress it is very chic

jayne said...

chicago is in illinois! good job :)

i love the earring :)

Bella said...

The yellow flats at the end are adorable...honestly i love them..I want them...they remind me of the sun ha

Jennifer said...

Omigod i'm looking for a grey dress like that, tell me where you got it!!

The Stiletto Effect said...

I love the grey dress :)

Tru said...

lovely post

A said...

really really really want those yellow flats

Emma said...

Heh, of course your writing style is awesome! And it's funny you say Jasqueen is from Chicago, because I thought I saw her on the street just today. I knew it wasn't her, but for a moment I was like "Holy crap! Should I say hi? Would that be weird?"
Those Blahniks are INSAAANE.

Pretty In Black said...

The Moschino bag is gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

thanks for the tip about the dress, hope you get back to blogging often!

the lipstick lady said...

uuuuuurgh i wrote such a long comment and then my internet went all retarded so now all I have to say is WHY?????
also, i love all those handbags.

Fashionyou's Molly said...


Oh yeah.. and in response to your header situation.. you just enter this code < img src="URL HERE" >(take out spaces between < >
Either before or after your title, or after your description (if it is at the top put this code < BR > [spaces taken out!) after it) If you want a space between the title & picture, just enter < BR > (stands for break) and this will make a 1 line space. You can enter this as much times as you like to make as many spaces. Then, upload your picture to the web (you can always delete it later!), Left click, select properties, and copy the URL. Then enter this into the URL here bit of the first code!

Sounds hard, but is really very easy!
If you need anymore help, i would be happy to help you!!

Love the blog, keep it up!!

Molly xo.

Love Mel said...

i love the moschino bag so so much! soo adorable

Mash said...

Great questions and answers :)
I love the Ippolita Turquoise Shield Charm Necklace <3

alluretone said...

love the christian louboutin bag and thoes yellow flats. also great layout and new header, i love it!

-S said...

love the turquoise charm necklace!

molly said...

you should be a celebrity stylist!

sarissa said...

OH my god.. i'm not even kidding yeah, your blog rOCKS.. i'm going thru a phase atm of discovering all the best, and how did i not notice this? omg its like georgia nicolson lol i love her thus i love this! great post, wanna exchange links? x saris

sarissa said...

oh yeah and i shorten all my words así and omg rom and jules! gotta love em lol we did a diffy text fo gcse but i bare wanted to do them, i love a bidda shakes x

Little Miss Sunshine♥ said...

that dress is darling! That moschino bag is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. (like your blog : )

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

Thank you for the answer! i have been wanting to know for yonks

Hill said...

oooomg i love the necklace!

Moose on the Loose said...

The tips on working the black dress are fabulous. I love all of your picks. Those Mahnalos are so HOT! I will most definitely be looking for brightly colored accessories. Thanks for the tips!

buttonsandstars said...

I think someone else said this, but your writing style really does remind me of Georgia Nicholson. Very nice post!

Geisha said...

Your blog is really cute...I adore it! :)
And I like that Moschino bag!!!
Do you want to trade links with me?

-ciao bella- said...

i absolutely adore that nancy gonzalez bag, i've been wanting it forever!

Mrs Fashion said...

Oh, how come I haven't read you before?
Love this post!
Mrs F x

molly said...

you must post again soon!

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Tamron Lohan said...

Ohhhhh man I want those yellow flats!!!!