Sunday, May 13

too hot, or not too hot?

Yes, that title is my version of clever wordplay. No need to laugh. Anyways, as you might of guessed this post is going to be a hot or not list, I've been wanting to do one for ages but up till now all I could think of for 'hot' was 'pudding' and for 'not' all I had was... 'no more pudding'( I like pudding what can I say?).
So here is my hot or not list, but just to warn you, these are things that are cool and uncool in my half person half rabbit brain. So basically, just because I say something is cool, doesn't necessarily mean it is.

You've been warned.
Here it is.

Alison's Official Hot or Not List!!!!
*wild clapping*

Hot: Feist
Seriously how cool is she?? Very cool is the correct answer, very cool. If you haven't heard of her you are obviously missing a pair of ears so you better go look for them.
Download: My Moon My Man( it's my new dancing in the morning song).

Not: Leggings

I have been ranting and ranting about leggings and their overall hideousness for quite some time now but apparently the rest of the world is a little slow to catch on. Yes, leggings were cool for like a week, and NO they are not anymore. So throw them in the nearest garbage can, or cut them up into a pair of leg warmers if you're into recycling. JUST GET RID OR THEM!!! Unless they're those ones that go to your ankles, cuz those ones aren't that bad I guess...

Hot: Paris going to jail

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaheehehahahahagaspgasp. Tres tres amusant, which is french for hilarious!! That's really all I have to say.

Not: Creepy old menYou know the ones, they're always lurking in public places like the fruit and veg section of the grocery store pretending to innocently buy their cabbages and whatnot and then you catch them staring at you in a very creepy way and then you run screaming into the freezer section to hide among the frozen dinners.

Hot: Ad Spotting

Yes, I have invited a fab new game called 'ad spotting'. All you need is a Vogue and it's very good for long car rides. First, read over your Vogue, paying special attention to the ads. Basically in 'ad spotting' you just think of an ad and then tell your friend to find it.

Ex: You say- 'Okay... I spy with my little eye a David Yurman ad starring our favourite cracked up super'
Your friends quickly flicks to said ad while you time them. At the end, whoever has the least amount of time... WINS!!!!

Hey, I didn't say it was a good game. Well maybe I did, but I didn't..... Oh never mind. Speaking of Vogue, wasn't this month's issue awesome? Yes, twas.

Not: ?????

Well I can't think of any more 'not' so now I'll just do some 'hot' :)

Hot: Juicy Couture: Couture Couture

No, not Juicy as in the velour tracksuits, but the actual fashion-y stuff. I never thought of Juicy as anything more than sportswear, so imagine my not fake surprise when I saw that some of Juicy is actually... pretty hot. Actually, I think that I just don't hate Juicy because it's pretty unknown at my school.

Hot: Mother's DayHAPPY MOTHER'S DAY EVERYONE!!!!! 'Tis the day to be your moms slave: do lots of dishes, cook your mom's favourite food( my mom's is spaghetti), clean lots of stuff. Fun fun. Oh common though, you know she's worth it.

Hot: Good Hair Days

For me they're pretty rare, but today I totally had a good hair day!!! My bangs dried the right way, and I didn't have any poofyness. It was awesome.

Hot: Bold Colours and Patterns
Say a happy buh-bye to the pastels of yesterday, say hello to crazy bold colours, clashing colours and wild patterns. Oh how I've missed them, never leave again.

Alrighty, well I'm tired now. Night night.


mary said...

okay, i was fully prepared to hate juicy's couture couture just for the fact that it was, well, JUICY. (okay, the whole judging a book by its cover thing, whatever, or in this case judging a book by it's neon pink rhinestone-encrusted velour tracksuit) but i actually really like that dress pictured. it looks like something i would make.. so maybe i'll give couture couture a chance. maybe.

ChiliLady said...

Hey. your blog is very interesting! can we link our blogs? please write back in my blog "everyday glamour" ( theres a shoutbox) but if you write a comment- that would be much better!
This would be nice!

jayne said...

haha your list was entertaining. i should do one of those.

i love that paris is going to JAIL, but if i actually see free paris shirts i may half to hurl, she deserves it people!

leggings suck, but definitely do not advise people to make even fuglier leg warmers...the only that should go on your legs is tights (under something, not à la sienna) or pants, duh

juicy actually make great shoes :)

maya said...

great post!
i kind of deisagree about leggins, im not that keen on them either but i think if someone's going to wear them they should probably wear the shorter ones.
also, i keep foretting to ask, do you know the name or loacation of the island where you used to live cuz i would love to go there sometime, maybe for my gap year or something. is it nice?

emsie said...

great list!
although i do love leggings

thanks for the comment,
much appreciated. :)

oh and i love the pudding thing,
that made me chuckle!


-ciao bella- said...

haha great post. yeah i think that leggings have been WAY overplayed this season and i am actually quite sick of them. but as for paris hilton- i just did a post on her going to jail- check it out. and paris agrees that her going to jail is "hot" via her tshirt (see post)...haha it's just so utterly pathetic i can't believe it

Tru said...

fun list..makes sense to me

lovely m said...

hahahahah, paris is going to jail!!

dianabobar said...

I do agree with your list. However I just got a pair of black lace ankle leggings from Mango and I totally love them!!!
Anyway, check out my blog for a recent "Mix'n'Match" photo shoot I styled/did and tell me your opinion.

Dilemma said...

Major Feist love.

And I semi-agree about the leggings, the ones that aren't the hideous capri-length are much better/more flattering.

Mash said...

I LOVE Feist and I'm currently dancing and singing every morning in front of my bathroom's mirror "my moon my man" .
And that's too funny for Paris ! Am I so bad if I say that maybe Kate and Pete should sing to her "roit in jail " ? :x

the lipstick lady said...

hahaha, this post is so hilarious, i'm serious, your blog is so funny, it's not funny.
but it is funny. that's the reason it's funny. but it'[s so funny that it just stopped being funny how funny it was. i mean, it's still funny, but the fact that it's funnyisn't funny. I dont know why though. Now that i put it in context I'm a little retarded.

all i have to say is this-

but up till now all I could think of for 'hot' was 'pudding' and for 'not' all I had was... 'no more pudding'( I like pudding what can I say?).

Daniela said...

I like your blog and I totally agree on the leggings opinion. I can't see them anymore. I just started a shopping blog. It's really new so I'd love you to check it out at

hellocello said...

love it love it love it!!!

Emma said...

love feist, hate paris. agreed.

Elle said...

Ok im on the fence over your hot and not
I mean Paris Hilton going to jail is lol funny hot yes
Juicy couture couture or whatever um not so much juicy is losing its edge and overpricing their items
also creepy old men, random as hell maybe you had a situation.. idk but anyways
LEGGINGS wow not hideous over done yes but not hideous very trendy and everywhere but not hideous.