Sunday, April 29

sunny side up

"Like oh my god her outfit is SO sunny side up!"

That's right, sunny side up is not long just a coolio way to have your eggs, it's now a way to dress. And yeah, I totally made it up just now; but it could catch on... maybe....

The Official Rules of Sunny Side Dressing( as created by me):
  • You're outfit must make you smile
  • You're outfit must make other people smile( but not in a creepy-I-wanna-take-you-some-where-private way)
  • Cute shoes are not optional; they are mandatory. There is not point in creating a pretty smile-creating outfit and then ruining it with ugly shoes
  • Bold, bright colours and patterns are a plus, but not necessary
  • NO LEGGINGS!!!! I swear if I see another mall suburb-y girl wearing leggings under a skirt or as a replacement for pants I will cut them. I'm serious.
Shoshanna Yellow Print Plunging Halter Dress

Lately I'm feeling a strange attraction to A-line dresses, you know the ones, they start flaring out at the empire-waist-region and then just keep going until the knee. Is that A-line? I forget, but those types are totally hot. And yes, I just quasi-quoted Paris Hilton. I'm okay with that. Oh and because I'm me I'm going to name this one..... Samantha.

Anna Sui Butterfly Print Chiffon Cocktail Dress

I don't know how I feel about the neck( or lack thereof) but I love the colour and the cute butterfly detail. I'm thinking.... Megan( Meg for short, of course)

American Apparel Two-Tone Fitted Mini

As you can see from this example, the sunny side up style is muy diverse, and almost any outfit can be classified as sunny side up as long as you work it the right way. I actually love this look, It's like a a skirt and a shirt in one, so it scores useful points as well as pretty points. I'm in <3's.

Urban Outfitters Lux Confetti Dress

Do I really need to explain how this dress is totally sunny side up? I don't think so. This dress is an Emily. Oh wait, have I used that name before? I don't remember, so I'm just going to give it two names just to be safe. Emily and... Michelle. Cuz it's a pretty name.

On a completely strange note, I had a bit of a revelation today. Usually I don't know why I say things or like things or even think things. The point being: my mind is a total mystery to me.



Fashionyou's Molly said...

Haha. This made me laugh because its basically the fashion rules i follow :)
Oh yeah and thanks for signing and linking!!

Emma said...

bahahahaha. excellent post.
i agree about having to cut any leggings wearers...i said much the same thing to my friend earlier, but he just looked at me like i was deranged. boys. never understand the heinousness of leggings.

and now i'm really excited to wear some a-line dresses, because it is SUMMER and you're right, time for sunny side dressing. i think that's genius, and it WILL catch on.

-ciao bella- said...

Haha. great post- love the term "sunny side up". somehow it reminds me of the movie "runaway bride" probably because of all the egg things in there. but i am absolutely OBSESSED with that Shoshana and Anna Sui dresses. i love them! xx

-S said...

if i could have anything in the world right now, it would be that two toned mini dress. well, that and an unlimited credit card that someone else pays.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE SHOES in the first picture.. I hate leggings too.. cant stand themmm. bahh.. <3 the blogg.

Bella said...

This post made me so happy...those are such good rules to follow, and I LOVE the Anna Sui dress, so pretty? Where did you find it?

dianabobar said...

Take a look at how I styled outfits to wear golden leggings everyday:
Thanks, have a great day!

ambika said...

the Anna Sui dress is so sunny side up.

Tru said...

the american apparel and urban outfitters dresses are rad

Geisha said...

That A-Line dress is sooo adorable! I love it, and sunny side up dressing is my style...except I don't really call it that way.
Love Your Blog! :)

sara said...

OMG I will totally start using the term "Sunny Side Up" not only for my eggs but for when I see an outfit that makes me smile and fits the "sunny side up" guide lines.
I L-O-V-E your blog. I am officially linking you in my blog (look under blogs)
x sara o

jayne said...

oo i love it! all of the dresses are great

your blog is awesome, do you want to trade links? :)

kelsey said...

i am in love with your blog. :]
i'm lovinggg the term sunny side up, and the shoes!
and lmao, i ttly agree about the leggings deal.

and btw, you made me a mariana's trench fan with the video in the last post, and since i'm listening to them, so are a few of my friends, as well.


L. said...

Best post ever. I love your rules and think that fashion should definately be about making yourself and others smile... People take it all way tooo seriously. Made my day.

the lipstick lady said...

dressing sunny side up is definately the look this season! i love it, the word sunny makes me smile.

god i'm a freak

discothequechic said...

I looove the 2 tone urban outftters skirt.
Reminds me of the outfit K Dunst wore to buy easter eggs from the shops recently!

I completely agree with you about the girls wearing leggings. Its like that in the UK too. So boring!

Thanks for your lovely comment abotu exams...I love peppermint tea, so I know what you mean. Its nice and relaxxxing.

S xx

alexgirl said...

I love it! Sunny Side Up will totally catch on.
I love the 1st 2 dresses. If Anna Sui weren't so freaking expensive I'd totally own her entire spring line.
And I like the fact that cute shoes are MANDATORY not optional. Good rule.

hellocello said...

the last two were my favorite! huzza to sunny side up!

Dilemma said...

This post was so cute!
Although, I'm warming up to leggings. Ick, I know-it scares me too. But ONLY if you have the legs for them, and they're not the ones that cut you off mid-calf and make your proportions look all weird. They must also not be worn with a denim mini-skirt.

Moose on the Loose said...

I totally love your blog. care to do a link exchange? Great Post. I will definitely stick to your sunny side dressing rules.

maya said...

I really like this idea. It kind of fits with the way i dress in summer anyway so thats all good.
i love the second dress.

Cordie said...

im totally telling one of my friends her dress is sunny side up. because i just would. and cute picture byyy the way.
take a look at my blog
its fashion. which i love.

Fashionistakay said...

I've never seen your blog before...but now that I am I feel...INSPIRED!Wow. I feel like saying words like persnickety! Umm..I think that these dresses totally give a girl volume they're all beautiful but I love the last one best.Could you check out my blog?

Frapp said...

Hehe, like my I <3 Nerds Spongebob T-shirt :D Linked you by the way, I think this could catch on!

Lama Drama said...

excellent post!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

Yey my name is Emily and i love that dress

Meg said...

I'm mostly anti-summer but the idea is great, it would make me smile if I was to see it in action! Leggings are so heinous and you named your dresses! I name my jackets. Boys names though.

dusk&summer said...

love that american apparel dress
and I'm sure sunny side up will catch on very soon lol

dianabobar said...

Here is a post about Romanian issues regarding fashion & personal style (and my Cory Kennedy inspired outfit).

You probably don't know much about Romania, well, it's never too late to learn:)
Have a great day, hugs&kisses,

Fashionista said...

Thanks for the comment!

I just have to have that American Apparel Two-Tone Fitted Mini..! It's gorgeous...

By the way, I share the hate with you for all those cheap ugly leggings out there...

mary said...

i love that definition of sunny side up-- that's what clothing should be about: making people smile!