Friday, February 23

oh the drama!

Hmm... definitely time for an update I think.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about drama; I take the class in school and we had this awesome sub yesterday that was actually better that our regular teacher. He was wearing pinstripe grey pants and a loud purple shirt, his head was totally bald and hi came in and introduced himself with a loud "Hello, my name is Britney Spears." After a very long pause we all got it and burst out laughing. Hilarious.
Well it turns out he was an actual professional actor( remember the alien in Scary Movie 3 that peed out his finger? yeah, that was him), and he was a great teacher on the subject and definately very funny.

So he got me thinking about drama and then I started thinking about drama in fashion.

If anyones crazy dramatic from their outfit to their make-up, it's probably geisha. Who knew that florals could be so fierce?

Bright colours have always been pretty dramatic to me, like the red at Versace.

Couture is often dramatic... well actually it almost always is.

Runway makeup can be very dramatic( sometimes not in a good way...).

There's got to be more examples but I can't think of any right now. So where else do we see drama in fashion?


Regina and Renee said...

ya, i always find that bold solids help make a very dramatic statement. and the makeup? adds alot of drama...good or bad looking. lol.


Emma said...

drama = good. i just started taking a drama/singing class, and it's really fun. the singing sucks (i dont like chorus) but the acting is AWESOME and we're doing a scene from a raisin in the sun.

i'm going to start dressing like a dramatic geisha.

Lama Drama said...

thats great about your teacher, we never get fun teachers like that...drama is fun. that versace is so bold!

Tru said...

hmm intresting post and I wish I had been there to meet that sub, he sounds awesome

Allure said...

I used to be in a theatre group. It was fun. I miss it.

Gloria said...

dramatic fashion spreads of course ;)

the lipstick lady said...

to emma- NO WAY we're doing a raisin in the sun. your drama teacher was an alien who peed out of his finger?? awesome

maya said...

that sub sounds amazing. i've never come acroos a teacher with good clothes and a sence of humour, lucky you!

mareGa said...

What would be of fashion without the drama??

coco said...

i aodre that coture dress. it is so stunning.

dusk&summer said...

yay for dramatic fashion, who wants boring? lol