Wednesday, February 14

monochrome dreams


If we're going by the Sinha-Stanic show, when it comes to colour, the new look is minimalism. The whole show was done in black, white, gray and the odd splash of metallics thrown in. It's actually pretty refreshing to get away from all the bright colours, as much as I love them.
I loved the show, the simplicity and the fierceness of all the looks. Oh and bronze is hawt.
And on the excited scales I'm at like an 11 and a half because the article I'm in comes out tomorrow! So everyone buy a Wall Street Journal, flip over to the fashion section, and try not to laugh too hard at my last name as ridiculous as it is.


alluretone said...

wow you got an interview on the wall street journal?! congrats! that is so amazinggg!

love the simple looks as well esp the white dress and silver coat.

Allure said...

Love it! Great choices

miff said...

well done! unfortunately we cant get the wall street journal on this side of the pond - you will have to scan it and post it on your blog.

Love Mel xoxoxo said...

wow! tats really cool! congrats!

Moi said...

Love the minimalist look. it's going to be huge this spring.

Karinaxoxo said...

wtf is with the heels in that collection???

franki durbin said...

Love the mod mets retro look of the line. As nice as it is to see color this spring, the dayglow orange and yellow are a bit overwhelming. It's nice to see more wearable color and metallics making a statement.

Fab writeup in the WSJ! Love it!

Tru said...

oh I'll have to go find a wallstreet journal and read it, congrats

A Mom from Bainbridge Island, WA, USA said...

Hi Alison!
First thing I did when I read the article in the WSJ was to find and read your blog! Do you have a counter thing that tells how many people have checked you out? It would be fun to know how many people have seen your work.
As for that Fashion show you have on-line, take a look at those models. They all look the same. Too thin, too severe, unhappy looking girls. I know it was the "look" for the show but still, they seem sad.
You, OTOH, don't seem sad at all. You sound like a vivacious and fun girl.
After all, how many girls your age can say they have been in the Wall Street Journal?
Good luck in life Alison. It all gets better from here on out.

Sarah said...

check out the new post!

discothequechic said...

love Sinha-Stanic!

S xx