Monday, February 5

and who might you be???

I have this thing where I always name outfits. Not like, oh this pantsuit is totally a Mandy, but I like to imagine what kind of girl( other than me) would wear that, and what her name would be. They're not named after anyone in perticular, so if your name comes up then don't worry, it's not like I'm targeting you or anything( that would be wierd and slightly stalker-esque). I had this really wierd creative surge a few nights ago and went out and bought a pack of 50 pens and a sketch book, so I've been happily designing away and giving every design a name. The funnest things to name though, are dresses. They just have so much personality!

Roberto Cavalli
Hmm... This dress is gorgeous, silky, soft and flowing... Emma.
Juicy Couture
Grey, oversized and slouchy? Natalie.

Michael Kors

Omg this dress is so gorgeous! To me it just seems like a Lily.


The girl who would wear this would be super-confident and flirty; like a Madeline.

Marc Jacobs

Sexy, chique, cute and fab all rolled into one... Melissa.

Rachel Roy

Gah this dress is so cute! It would be pretty hard to pull off though... maybe an Amy?

Anna Sui
To me this dress totally exudes confidence. Katelyn!

Anna Sui

Simplistic yet oh so sexy... Michelle.

Stella McCartney

This dress is so unusual but so classic! It seems like a Molly.


Eclectic and edgy and fun like a Zoe.

Narciso Rodriguez

And finally, simple and elegant... Kate.

These names could be waaaaaay off, I'm just pretty much spouting out random names, whatever first pops into my head, so don't go all apeshiz on me if you feel like the Michelle should of been a Violet or whatever...


Regina and Renee said...

thanks for the comment!
wow...excellent post. i truly adore some of these dresses...amy is soo cute! lol.


Anonymous said...


simply put.....u have a fantastic sense of style.

marY said...

all of your names are SPOT-ON, i'm amazed

MOLLY GRAY said...

love love the first dress!!
see ya.

holly said...

very good names, though i'm slightly upset mine didn't come up. though molly is abit like holly.

S said...

Haha. You are too creative!

the lipstick lady said...

i love the emma and the molly, but I think the marc jacobs dress should have a name more like Eva.

muze1990 said...

Good pick for the dresses Molly and Madeline. They fit perfectly by the dresses!

Maddy said...

Hehe, one dress has my name! Madeline. If only I was as confident as that dress, or at least the girl in the yellow hat.

Pure Couture said...

I love the Lily dress, partly, because that's my name. :]

Lama Drama said...

wow the juicy and marc jacobs are tooooo dieee forr!

dusk&summer said...

lol you're funny. oh the things you do with your spare time! i really like the juicy and marc jacob dresses.

Touche19 said...

such a cool and creative idea! LOVE the dresses!!!

mareGa said...

awww. it seems fun.

Bella said...

Hehe that is so something i would do naming dresses, I loved the Katelyn and Molly.

you're the one said...

madeline and melissa are great!