Sunday, December 3

in the spirit

Usually, I'm as cynical about holidays as your regular moody teenager. I roll my eyes at the thought of spending so much time with the family( a strange group of people at the best of times), I morbidly think 'Oh god, now I have to go Christmas shopping' and on labor day I step on the scale and sigh with regret about all those cookies I ate out of sheer desperados. This year though, something has changed. I'm excited about the holidays! I can't wait to make my Christmas list, to give and receive, to decorate the tree. But why this sudden intrest in the holidays? Who knows, who cares! Holidays are fun, and Christmas is the biggest holiday there is. Live it up peoples :) I think all this holiday cheer constitues a list.

'Alison's Best Christmas....' List

Best Christmas - Sweater

AE Snowday Hoodie Sweater $39.50

I think it's the colour that makes me love this sweater, like a raccoon and shiney things. Bright, bold, deep colours are my shiney things.

Best Christmas - Drink

Starbucks Gingerbread Latte

Who can resist gingerbread? I mean, seriously. All the spiciness and the foamy latte-ness and when it's below freezing outside everyone can use a hot drink, so order it extra hot. I have a friend who works at starbucks and he told me that some people even tell him how many degrees they want their drink! Well, that's going a tad overboard, but you gotta admit, sometimes you just want your drink perfect.

Best Christmas - Shoes

Marc Jacobs Crocodile Pointy-Toe Flats $695

Pretty. Yeah, that's about it. Pretty.

M'kay my attention span is pretty much up and if I write anymore, it'll be crap.


Elizabeth said...

i was thinking about buying that hoodie the other day LOL :P

Anonymous said...

that sweater looks like it would be really flattering and comfy..... nice tip

misssixty said...

mmmmmmmm gingerbread latte.... that would taste sooo good right now. that sweater looks cute too!

Sarah said...

mmmm. that starbucks sure looks tasty

Anonymous said...

I've been ogling that AE hoodie for a while..
Also, I must admit that I have asked for my mocha to be super-hot.

ambika said...

Those shoes are ridiculously amazing. And waaaaaaay out of my price range.

Anonymous said...

Ooo la laaa, loverly shoes!

Isabel said...

Mmm, I'm craving Starbucks now!