Saturday, November 11

now i understand

So today is Remebrance Day in Canada. The red velvet poppies, the assembly at school, the parades, the moment of silence when even the radio falls quiet. When I was little Remembrance Day was just any other day, except we got to miss class for a while and i got to stick myself with a pin trying to get it on my shirt above my heart.
That's how it's always been, until this year. This year I was actually part of the assembly, talking in front of the whole school about a Canadian Military Cemetary we visited in France. My school is pretty big, so there were two assemblies and I got to be in both of them. I thought that it would be really boring, tedious, and hard to find an outfit that was all black and white.
It was actually anything but. I guess it really hit me when they showed a movie about the soldiers leaving their families, the people who died weren't just numbers, they were actual people, with families, friends, homes. Suddenly I understood why today is such a big deal. It's important. Lest we Forget makes so much sense to me now. I actually started crying, right there in the middle of the assembly, and my best friend was sitting next to me and she asked me, "Whats wrong?" and all I could do was say "It's so sad" and she just smiled and gave me a hug. The movie that we watched had this awesome song too, called 'Mad World' by Donny Darko.

So now I'm old enough to get it, to feel sad. Has this happened to anyone else before?


*cAtHi* said...

that happened to me this year on september 11th. it was the five year anniversary and i was looking back on the day it happened, which i could remember like it was yesterday. i was so much younger back then, and looking back at it i could really tell how i didnt understand it when it was happening.
on 9/11 this year my friends and i all started crying together.

*emma* said...

totally. today i was the ferry near the statue of liberty and i looked at the remembrance garden and i just felt so choked up. like, i was always sad about it, but i never really felt it, ya know? i so know what you mean.

Elizabeth said...

hi fellow canadian!!! I love your blog. can I add you to my links?

Alison said...

it's so good to know I'm not the only one! Thanks you guys :)

marY said...

whoa, so weird. i'm listening to that song 'mad world' RIGHT NOW. i have it on repeat, it's so good