Friday, November 3

keep me warm

I've been searching for a new wintery sweater, and I'm very particular about my sweaters. They have to be fitted, but still warm, cute, don't overwhelm my frame. Oh and today I'm being a label whore, but don't worry, just todyay. So far I've come up with this:
There are the long sweaters that have been pretty much everywhere lately. They're so cute though! Comfy cozy. American Eagle $44.50
Pretty pretty lace. Not super practical and your dad will see it and say, 'is that going to keep you warm in the rain? I don't think so.' in that annoying way of his but you won't care because you'll be wearing a pretty sweater. Anthropologie $158

The classic boatneck, to show off a little skin. Garage $10 on sale.

A little aboriginal, a little warm and fuzzy, totally adorable. I'm suprised it's from Aritzia! $95


ambika said...

I love the embroidery on the sleeve of the Garage sweater. It makes something simple kind of special.

*emma* said...

i've been needing a large but fitted sweater to live in for winter. choice number one is so cute i could cry.

Carissa said...

The Anthro and Aritzia sweaters are beautiful, I love them!

Anonymous said...

love teh sweater from Garage