Tuesday, November 21

It's time..... to celebrate!

There are many things that make me happy; a few being my friends, accessories, and shiny things. Very few things make me extremely happy, something along the lines of ice cream cake and Veronica Mars. The thing that makes me happiest though, are holidays. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Saint Patricks Day... Make it a holiday and I will automatically love it. My friends and I have even started a few of our own holidays, like Fudgsicle Day, Pink Day and Wear a Funny Hat Day. Suprisingly these haven't gotten into the mainstream yet, but they'll have their day.

Anyways, the point I was slowly meandering( is that a word?) my way to is that IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Birthdays are the best holidays of all cuz they're all yours and people have to be nice to you and buy you presents. I have to admit, I'm a bit of a birthday exploiter, like today I wanted a pretzel from my friend Brianna but she is very protective of her food, so I told her 'It's my birthday....' and *bam* she gave me the rest of her pretzels. I know that this a bit wrong, but hey, it's one day a year and there will be other bags of pretzels for Brianna.

Gabrielle Mini Half Flap

A few of my friends combined forces to get me this very( extremely) cool purse from Guess? and I couldn't help looking it up online *teeheehee*.

A got a $100 gift card for the mall from my parental units, so I'll be having fun with that... And a few gift cards for American Eagle and Garage Clothing Co. $50 from grandparents.... Body Butter and lip stuff from The Body Shop..... I could go on for a while with the small gifts, but I'll get right to the Ryan update I promised to some people; who were very eager and persistant. You know who you are *cough*Molly*cough*.

You know how sometimes something looks good from far away but when you get up close you see all the little flaws and that they, I mean it, maybe aren't as perfect for you as you thought they were? It's like having severe buyers remorse but you didn't actually purchase anything. Well that's whats going on right now with me and Ryan. He's a really nice guy, cute and totally comfortable talking with girls. Get to know him though and you realize that he doesn't own a pair of jeans, he pushes you into things then laughs, and he might like you but he'll never do anything about it. On the other hand, he came to my birthday party when he was the only guy, gave my a really cute teddy bear who I named Scotty, said he trusted me in front of all my friends and said 'happy birthday' in a really sweet cute voice at least 3 times today. Help me, I'm confused.

Well anyway, that's whats going on in my little bubble right now. One thing I'm excited about is that I'm getting in A in Drama( mental happy dance). And my mom finally found a place to live for her lazy fat hobo of an ex-fiance and now he's finally going to move out! Some of you have already heard the saga of Gavin and for those who haven't, it's a long story.

ttyl xoxo


Anonymous said...
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sarah said...

Hi! I came across your blog through other blogrolls, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in exchanging links?

*cAtHi* said...

adorable purse!!! happy birthday!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday sweetheart!!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birfday.

S said...

happy birthday! and what a great bag!

molly said...

hahaha YESSSSSSSS finally! thank you for such a descriptive update!

definitely keep us posted. and if you dont want him, ill be glad to take him off your hands.


Anonymous said...

excellent guess? bag! hope you had a great bday :)