Friday, November 3

I know it's a little late, but still...

Finally I have Paris pictures!!! Sorry it took so long, but the pics were at my dad's and I was at my mom's; you see the problem. Oh the woes of being a divorce child.

Okay, this isn't from Paris, but it's still pretty awesome. A snazzy little town I went to with the Bouets, my french family. All the boats were on the sand and the beach was like a mile wide. You can imagine, I kinda went crazy with the pictures in Binic. At first, when Lucie was telling me we were going to Binic, I thought she was say "pique-nique" and I was like, "cool, we're going for a picnic? Will there be cookies?". A few very French laughs and "non, non, non"'s showed me the error of my ways.

Those of you who haven't already been to Europe can't even imagine how very very cool it is. I had no idea what going to a country with another language would be like until I got there. Basically I communicated with a variety of head shaking and nodding, many hand gestures( which sometimes got missunderstood in the bad way, lol), and lots of pointing at things.

Versailles!!! Yes that's right, this was Marie Antoinettes back yard, and it's huge. Miles and miles and miles, oh the grandeur. I saw a bunch of the rooms inside the palace too, including the king and queen's. Wow, I really wish I was royalty. Imagine everything in goldleaf, murals on all the ceilings, and crystal chandeliers everywhere. The king was insane; I mean, he had his own chapel in the palace. And I'm not talking a small chapel, a big, regular sized chapel with a organ and everything. Hey, the french monarchy was so insane the people cut off all their heads.

So finally something semi-reconizable. My best friend Elizabeht and Me in front of the Arc de Triomphe. Ignore the huge backpacks we're carrying :)


Anonymous said...

i like the picture of the 'walk' light. i took a picture of a little trash can that says "dog waste only" while in london, it is pretty funny.

molly said...

Ohh, so pretty.
I think I'm going to Paris in the summer...very exciting!

Elizabeth said...

wen did u go to paris??? my parents went durring paris fashion week BUT THEY FORGOT TO TAKE ME!!! actually it was for their aniversary (dry i dont know how to spell it LOL )