Wednesday, October 25

so dress me up and take me out

I am totally and completely in love with the new Marie Antoinette inspired looks we're seeing on all the runways. The look, dubbed Napoleonic( as in Napolean the Emperor of France) is so simple and classic, it's amazing.

To get the look you need:
  1. 1 oversized big buttoned coat( preferably empire waist)
  2. 1 classic white blouse-y shirt to wear under said coat
  3. 1 pair skinny black pants
  4. 1 chunky belt to wear over said pants
  5. 1 pair of either Mary Janes or black Stiletto boots( depending on what look you go for)

Richard Chai

Roberto Cavalli

Ports 1961

Now, more France pics!

Me and my friends outside a big cathedral( I'm on the very left)

My friend Ryan.

Me and my French friend Lucie, who I lived with for 5 days.

Well, I have tons more but blogger is stupid and won't let me put them up. Meh, good things are better in small doses :)


Anonymous said...

I'm going with the richard chai look. It's more clean and classic. I'm very not into layering and/or grunge...anything. By the way, I love your blog so I'm also adding you to my list. Do you seriously hail from suburbia? LOL.

molly said...

Your friend Ryan is hot!

I totally agree about Tyra. She's so fake-humble.

I actually cried for Brooke too!
She was so sweet.
It should have been Jaeda or Eugena!!
I mean, if you don't want Brooke, at least wait until its not her freaking grad night! That's so harsh.

coco said...

I love that roberto cavallie look but i swear that was what everyone was doing last year. With the army jackets and big gold buttons, either that or im just way too ahead in fashion. lol. I'm loving this blog.

misssixty said...

love the roberto cavalli coat, it looks like the model is like, head of the navy seals, femme power is good.

Anonymous said...

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*emma* said...

ooh ryan is hot seriously

Anonymous said...

ryan looks kind of like zach braff i think..