Monday, October 30

razzle dazzle

The old hollywood look isn't exactly a new trend, but it's still glam and fab and all those shortened words that mean awesome.
To get the basic old hollywood-ness u just need; red lipstick, flawless pale skin, wavy coiffed hair, bling, and a snazzy( preferable sparkly) dress. Oh, how I love halloween. It gives me an excuse to dress up like a crazy person and everyone will think it's cool.

Flapper girl dresses are so cool. Amazingly cool in fact.

Dita von Teese. She may be a stripper of sorts, but she's still very cool and classy( when she's not naked).

Veronica Lake, part of actual old Hollywood.

Oh my gawd, how could I not put her in the old Hollywood post? Seriously, you should have seen it coming.

Beaded fringe sequined bag JFsilver $20.00

MAC lipstick $16.50

Lux Knit Strappy Babydoll Dress Urban Outfitters $48.00

Teeheehee, Ryan added me on msn. It might actually happen!!! I hope it does, because he's really nice and hot. I feel like a little girl! I haven't had a crush in so long.


*cAtHi* said...

ohh yeah crushes rock!! they DO work out sumtimes tho..

misssixty said...

lol, ryan is cute though..

discothequechic said...

cool post.

and the thing about Dita is that she IS classy even when shes naked!

Who else can do it...

S xx