Monday, September 18

so make me feel better

I believe in the healing power of the shuffle button. When I feel sick, or lonely, or just plain bored, I turn on my iPod and let it sing to me what it will. For some strange reason, I always end up listening to exactly what I need to to make me feel better. A sad song, a slow song, a dancing song, a heartbreak song. Believe me, it works. Next time you feel down, shuffle.

This is my favourite song right now, 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol. It was featured on the season finale of Grey's Anatomy last season( which is coming back on Thursday, btw!) and I'm just falling in love with it now.

Here's the Grey's Anatomy fan version. Still awesome, just very cut and pasted.



Fashion Kitty said...

I can't wait until Grey's comes on!!!

Haute Girl said...

i like that song's pretty. can't wait for grey's!!!

misssixty said...

yeah chasing cars is really good!
they play it on the radio here all the time

trendy fashionista said...

I know..the Dior Top is Gorgeous! $580

Sarah said...

i love love grey anotomy.

Anna said...

I'm on the fence with the shuffle botton. I usually fast foward a lot of songs when I hit shuffle. I'm very particular I guess.

Kit said...

hey thanks! ur blog is pretty awesome as well. um, breakfast at tiffany's and death cab for cutie?? my favorites. i love the dress at the very top. tres chic.