Friday, September 8

back to basics, like christina.

Shoes. Some women are obsessed with them, designers create thousands of them and tons of money is spent on the shoe industry every year. There are blue shoes, red shoes, funny shoes, serious shoes, colourful shoes, plain shoes, wodden shoes, plastic shoes, shoes that you can't walk in, shoes that feel great.... There are millions of different shoes. But now, I am finally realizing the beauty of simplicity.
Black kitten heels are sexy, simple and go with umm... everything. I don't see a downside.

Steve Madden $65.99

Urban Outfitters $58.00

J Lo Footwear $103.95

So for footwear, think simple, elegant and sexy. Pair them with skinny jeans and outrageous, fun, elegant tops.


dusk&summer said...

so true! great blog :)

* *

Jessica said...

hmmmm, i don't think i like kitten heels....but then i am short so i love HUGE heels :)

trendy fashionista said...

Cute! I was almost going to get the Maddens but the same thing is at Payless Shoe Source for $15!!!

xoxo TF

ambika said...

I love a kitten heeled anything. My problem ends up being I'm drawn to the funky, fun shoes that look amazing with basic outfits. But then I have nothing to wear with my fun, colorful outfits. Don't underrate the basic shoe.