Monday, April 7

Gallery Thursdays

So let's kick off our first celebrity edition of this gallery feature shall we?

I want to share some odd choices of my fave celebs..Drew and Jen. Congrats Jen on the beautiful baby twins...I know I know, thou shall not sell thy child for cover of People, but hey....this whole selling your soul for mags started because celebs will get harassed like hell by paparazzi anyway, so I don't mind anymore..its almost like she is protecting her children. I also love how Marc keeps his hand on her belly for ALL the pics while she was pregnant. As for Drew..well what can one say. What a friggin' beauty man! That perfect can her features get. I worry about my face being super round due to my chunky delicious (trademarked term via the boyfriend) cheeks. But she makes the not-a-stick-figure model wanna be look good if you ask me. So enjoy!

PS- Who are your fave celebs for their beauty, grace and style?

Sunday, April 6

Promises, Promises

Miami Beach circa 2008

I owe tons of updates I know, but trust me its worth it. In the mean time, here is one of the many promised images. Way back in the day (as in 2 weeks ago: here is the post) I shared the story of my photography studio in progress- a gift I am working on for my boyfriend over time. So far I have gotten him two lights, a camera that was all the rage in his la la photo land, and some helpful accessories. Of course this will help me on my venture as well for my fashion empire soon to be seen. I have been really anxious lately trying to figure out exactly what that empire will entail, and I really welcome any comments about others having the same stresses about what their purpose will be in this home we call the fashion industry. I know its been especially hard for Ms. Bubble as there must be others living through trial and error. Here is one resulting image from a rolled-out-of-bed-and-put-on-makeup-which-led-to-an-impromptu-beneficial-photo shoot! I plan on using this image for the home page of a new website I am paying to be designed as we speak- my company website! Hope you like....

PS- Can anyone guess what industry this new company website is geared for based on the pic hahaha?

Photo Credits: Photography- My lovely boyfriend of course! ER Photo and Styling by muah duh

Who Knew...

Diane Kruger

So pardon me if I am living the next two months totally reminiscing about my obsession with Sarah Jessica Parker until the launch of you know what..but on another knew blog I am in love with, turns out there is someone else just as classy, elegant and gorgeous I didn't remember about. I see her in magazines time and again, but never had a reason to Google or stalk her red carpet style. Now I do!

"What I really love about her is how classy she always looks, especially compared to so many other young starlets (*cough LindsayLohan cough*). Her style is super feminine, quite a bit trendy, and I like that she’s not afraid of sparkle and frills. She pulls it off well and it’s never over the top."

-Quoted from Kim

Tuesday, April 1

"Dream Like You'll Live Forever, Live Like You'll Die Today"

Uh, my life is Sex and the City..wish I had some single gals to party away this grandiose premiere!

Thursday, March 27

Gallery Thursdays

Wednesday, March 26

Shopping Report Wednesdays


Miami Beach circa 2008

So you read about my outrage (post below) while shopping at CVS and Walgreens this past weekend for a small photo shoot with the boyfriend. Well, after much array, I did end up with some things...some good and some BAD things..naturally. I know its been all but decades since some of these first took place on shelves across America (and beyond..hi France!) but that won't stop me from saving a fashionable few from wasting their money on the crap that's out there. These pharmaceutical department stores are great for college students, stylists on the go, and anyone with a working woman's budget that wants to stock her medicine/makeup cabinet with some goodies. But be ware, for every Maybelline Great Lash, there are terrors that lurk.....

Note: Rating system is 1-10, 10 being highest and ...well duh....

Let's start with some good news..fruity tooty is still in! This Alba Coconut Lip Balm was about three bux (expensive for a tube) but worth every penny. I remember back in the day when these suckers were 99 cents on the corner. But with technology advances, comes inflation. I appreciate that when something so small and insignificant leaves my lips feeling smooth as rose petals with the aroma of a summer pina colada. The boyfriend loves it too. Always a plus. The scent is subtle to others, but fun for you. Even tasty at that! Double up and use as a perfume! That's what I call a bargain.....

Diamant Rating: 10

Maybelline Shadow Stylist may be the mother or all liners..if you like liners that are powdery, smoky, sometimes dusty substances. My review is based on the fact (through mostly recent experience) that powder cosmetics (besides pressed powder foundations) are notoriously messy. Whether its that fave eye shadow you stock up on, or that suntanned kiss glow bronzer...all powders make messes. With that said, I finally met my match while on the lookout for the perfect smoky eye. I have been trying to perfect the smoky eye for years now (I'm no artist, what can I say?) and working with amateur makeup artists has only proven my point that its a difficult task indeed. Well, not anymore because I am one step closer. This little wand is jam packed with highly pigmented hues from olive to black...with a steady hand, anyone can make smoky magic. I used it to line my lids on top and bottom, as well as smudge the corners. Result...well I feel like a Cover Girl...ooops!

Diamant Rating: 7

I have a long long story to tell that I was supposed to share last week but got distracted...something along the lines of "I read the most life changing book and am now vegetarian." (see Must-Reads to the left) Yes I know, most of you got the memo, and although like most, thinking I could never give up meat, I made the leap and already have amazing skin to prove it. REALLY. Ask my boyfriend...So part of this sisterhood includes embracing the organic and healthy lifestyle, from head to toe; inside and out. Well then thank goodness for those beauty companies that are catching the drift. Yes To Carrots is a new brand boasting minerals and vitamins with an all-natural complex. I still have more research to do on this line, but I bought the Exfoliating and Soothing Mud Mask with Vitamin C, claiming to leave skin noticeably smoother and rejuvenated. The word exfoliating is what got me since after my close-up (photo shoot) I realized my skin was rather bumpy. It didn't do anything to rid the mess, but I must admit, if you want your face to feel like a baby's bottom, this is the way to go.

Diamant Rating: 6

I won't even provide a link, because this brand is total shenanigans. Be ware, this is the most default pharmacy brand around..except for one product (look below). I was highly excited as they focus on eye products, and I am all about the eyes. I wanted something that would help give me the defined brows every girl dreams of mixed with some Dior Spring 2006 drama. These Perfection Stencils are a waste of time unless you have three or even four hands. With no adhesive help in sight, you are required to hold up the stencil to your face (this item is plastic by the way...sliding factor is great) while filling in with brow product of choice..gel, powders, liner, what have you. Well can anyone tell me how I am suppose to hold up a flat object to my round face? Didn't think so. At one point I thought of taping it down, but there is something called integrity.

Diamant Rating: 1

I came home with three Ardell products, and this is my absolute fave! The Brow Defining Powder worked wonders on my barely-there eyebrows. Not quite as severe as Dior's brow monstrosities, but if there was ever a need for the ready-to-wear version, this is it! Perfect for everyday use, and on set when layering leads to beauty fun, this little guy goes a long way. Each one comes with the helpful slanted brush (synthetic) that perfectly works the edges of my brows and creates the thin tip I like for my face shape. Again, this is a powder, so the con was that it will drip everywhere if you are not careful. During the shoot I found fleck on my cheeks...and lord knows getting on clothes is life threatening for a stylist.

Diamant Rating: 9

On the old version of my L Report blog, I did a beauty report of the top 5 essential makeup bag must-haves. Maybelline makes every list for every girl. There is something for everyone. After researching the history of mascara, turns out Maybelline were the pioneers (though Rimmel made the actual formula) creating the wand and applicator for a very useful package. After Great Lash came out, it only got better and better as technology advanced. Waterproof, Curling, Lengthening. I am curios to try Lancome and MAX Factor, but I am just too satisfied to start an affair. The XXL Curl Power Mascara is double the fun and results. I didn't really see any curling affect (you should use a curl clamp anyway..duh) but the photos afterwards were proof enough. Especially when the boyfriend was goo-goo-ga-ga over my eyes. Thanks Maybelline!

Diamant Rating: 8

Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse...oh what can I say? This is too good for words. Hopefully their expertly created TV ad well as print..has suckered you into at least trying it, but one look was all I needed. Both fingers and foundation brushes work great with this delightful treat. I even used it under liquid foundation as a concealer. How can you resist. My face looked like pure velvety chocolate. Don't ask me how they do it, but it goes on smooth like batter and dries a light, fluffy powdery texture. All I can say is, stop reading..go buy it!

Diamant Rating: 10

Monday, March 24

What's New Mondays

Miami Beach circa 2008

Sorry for the absentee...I have been suckered into thinking that all posts need pictures to be quality posts. Bullshit! I have been finding and reading amazing blogs that are imageless..yes you heard right, imageless!! Did anyone check out my "Newly In Love With" blogroll yet to your left..well if you did you would have seen by now the unforgettable View From The Fourth Row...basically as hilarious as Emma, but vintage (as it started long ago and ended already) and more in depth juice..anyhow, my point being is that although I still am baffled at how Susie Bubble juggles 40 hours at a time consuming, detail-oriented career with a 3-post a day image heavy blog, with my new job that requires my full attention (not really, but getting caught is no fun either), I can at least pop in and say hello right...or...what's let's get to it!

First off..2 weeks into the job and I already got this, "Hey Hot Black Girl, how you doing today?" Now, I was in front of colleagues, so not only was it embarrassing, but um..hello! Did anyone hear I go home not really bothered by it until I tell my fiance casually what happened and he is all like "Oh my gosh, did you tell your boss! You have to tell your boss! Seriously!" and I was like "Damn right I do!" but I still didn't think he cared so much about it, and got proven right as soon as I said, "and he is black too" Then my boyfriend lets out this weird sound that can only be described as relief mixed with mockery, "Oh, he's black? Leti, c'mon!"

Excuse me!

Since when is it okay for totally inappropriate work behavior to go permitted because two people are the same race? Did I miss some memo before signing up for this job? I tried to explain this to the highly-against-even-the-slightest-amount-of-racism-boyfriend...until he finally got my point. Now I would like to hear your thoughts....its not because he said black girl, or the fact that he is black, it is everything I right?

***I just typed a whole mess for you and darn thing got deleted by accident..I'm so not in the mood, but will try to do it again..ugh!!***

Moving on...did I mention I am building a photography studio for my boyfriend (yes best darn girlfriend in town, you can go ahead and boast that you know a celebrity now) which started off with the Digital Rebel camera you might have heard of because its all the rage right now..or was a few months ago, and so naturally he is already on Amazon looking for more expensive, more raging cameras for me to buy (must interrupt to bring you this message...last night while for the upteenth time that he was begging me to buy him the photography book (yes I am woman with power of money, hear me roar!) he said "c'mon Leti its the HOTTEST book right first glance he is your average hetero alpha male, but dammit I turned another one..woot woot) so he can learn more and keep enhancing his skills. We did some awesome test shots yesterday, the results of which I will share on Friday when he finishes editing them. I can only mention that I think I make a damn fine model..or would anyway if and when they finally accept ethnic and minority models in national publications and stop saying they do because they place Chanel Iman in every freakin Teen Vogue, Bazaar and Elle on the planet...c'mon, her name is Chanel Iman..need I remind you that they just so happen to find those perfectly white looking black models (I think we all remember the Beyonce ads for L'Oreal..don't lie). I am not going to go there, but until they stop claiming they are doing the minority races justice by hiring these models and then photo editing them to death with lighter skin, different nose, chin and forehead, please don't insult our intelligence. (Oh which brings me to another for those test shots I was telling you about, of course a girl had to get her hair done, nails ready and look for fool-me-once you know it took me 2 hours in a freakin CVS and Walgreens to find makeup that was slightly close to my skin color...this is BULLSHIT. Not to mention the fact that they don't sell Iman's (yes the real one) line of cosmetics anymore, and as for the Queen Collection for CoverGirl by Queen Latifah...well, her picture is still there but ain't no queenish makeup to be found..they don't even have foundation darker than beige..Beige!! HELLO! where exactly are working class citizens suppose to get their makeup. Granted I go to Sephora and am a MAC girl myself, but this is an outrage to have to spend $100 (because I did) on various colors that you would have to blend hoping to make a match...I am not a makeup artist...I don't want to freakin blend..All these magazines like Oprah and Essence that show makeup galore..where is it? Don't even get me started on the last 4 Allure magazines I bought that have nothing but pure porcelain white women! I mean I love love all races..but c'mon...BS..totally). Anyway, like I was saying..the studio will keep growing. We are buying more lights this weekend to go with the beginner light kit I already got, then some cool backgrounds.. which I will..because thanks to my new job, I feel like the sky is the limit. Which brings me to Lesson #1. Ladies, if you are as ambitious as I am (but take it down a notch, because my level of ambition is not at all healthy..will get to that later) then please get your ass a job and stop trippin'. Yeah you heard me..Paris Hilton is not going to appear out of nowhere claiming you are her long lost half get your head out of the clouds and down to a 9-5 (unfortunately I do 10-7..who made these schedules anyway..Satan?) but not just any 9-5, it took me 13 jobs to find this one (oh you know, a mix of being fired and quitting because I am too cool for them) and life couldn't be better when you have a quality, well-paying job you deserve that puts a few extra bucks in your pocket for hobbies...likeeeeeee

I want to be a Creative Director..that's my new goal. After finally accepting the fact that I am a perfectionist (no really...I took the quiz in Glamour magazine and they told me so) and need to stop the self-destruction perfecting behavior like perfect blog with perfect images, perfect business with blah blah blah..I rather be normal and calm the fuck down ya know. Especially when perfectionists are annoying and people take your ambition as arrogance. No no no no, not anymore. With my new aspiring title of Creative Director, I am allowed the following: wardrobe styling, fashion journalism, photography and team management. So my first step towards this goal is to buy a portfolio (I usually don't share my gold mines, but this one is too much to keep to myself..for all you photogs, models, or artists that need statement books, look no further: ) and filling it with creative power that shows my ability to solve problems, create stories and style accordingly. This is all leading up to a big meeting with one of Miami's prestigious agencies. If I could get accepted, the world would start raining pink cotton candy...that's how amazing it would be for me. Then I could spend the rest of my time until moving to London just working on the jobs they get me and enjoying my accomplishments. But let's not get ahead of step at a time

I am curious to know, what are your dreams and goals?

Friday, March 21

Gallery Thursdays

Ok so I'm a day late, but puh-leaze! Would you really want to miss this.......

This is Iconogenic, found her on while at work looking for images for a website project. Turns out she is one of the most popular photogs there (wonder why). Deriving from the Netherlands, this is a true display that genuine talent has many faces from many places. Enjoy!

Monday, March 17

What's New Mondays

So I was recently wondering just how Susie Bubble does it? Susie, if you are reading, help a girl out. You work at a wonderful and fruitful digital advertising company and find the time daily to rant on about your lovely fashion sense. But me, here in my new digital design job with the stereotypical cubicle…. cannot even find time to check my online banking statement (well more than twice anyway). Given, it’s a bunch of artsy fartsy pants I work for, with video games and junk food galore, but I still must work. Anywho, I digress. Just coming upon all these infinite fashion blogs of presumably successful and therefore busy people, where do we get the time to blog? Either way, I’m glad whoever you are that writes fantastic gibberish keeps on keeping on. So please find your way to the newly added blogroll to your left titled “Newly In Love With” where you will find blogs I stumble upon and its love at first glance..literally. I only add blogs here that totally captivate me, because unfornutalely out of 8 million and growing, only a handful of blogs have worthy content not including the Beckahms latest outfit and gallery slideshows that are already sliding across America for the upteenth time.

Friday, March 14

Week-in-Review Fridays

Miami Beach circa 2008

What a week huh? Ok so that was posed as a question, but ofcorse you have no idea how my week went..thus I must share! More like what a whirlwind month (but I just started this whole Week in Review feature so bear with me...a girl has to catch up eh). So we started off with this post where I vowed to stop procrastinating about one of my many dreams (though be it already came true in some shape and form when was created) of being a fashion stylist...perfectly coinciding with my love of fashion journalism (of which will be further enhanced by my education at the prestigious University of the Arts London this coming fall....delayed I know). So anyway, a click and a shop away landed me six gigs with an L.A. photographer working with all the top models in Miami Beach. Naturally the one I was raving about in the aforementioned post was so TOP she couldn't even become available...but no worries, soon I will be so TOP myself I will summon her to my headquarters...(I don't really have headquarters, hoping you know that). It started off quite easily actually..a little shopping here, borrowing there, until ofcorse I returned the lovely wares to the consignment store borrowed from, only to find out the measly $150 that I was being paid by the photographer (very frugal man) that I ofcorse used to rent the clothing on a fee (for decades this fee has been refundable upon return of items) would not be given back to me! Oh yes, you heard right..what I celebrated to bee my first income of a stylist was never actually in my possession long enough to freakin celebrate..turns out these bitches charge you..CHARGE give them press. HELLO! Are you serious..Nonetheless, I got over it and kept on renting...making sure the photog reimbursed me each time (please do this, don't feel passive aggressive and get taken advantage of like I almost did). In the end, its well worth the sacrifice for both when you sit back, relax, and see breathtaking photos that have your name written all over it. I would share more, but I assume I bore you already. If anyone cares to know how the shoots came about, drop a comment and a Part Deux shall commence.


PS- Yes, I'm the chocolate one fixing up the other chocolate one in all the pics. Wink.

Thursday, March 13

Gallery Thursdays

Miami Beach circa 2008

As previously stated in my speak-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace brutally honest post, you learned its quite the battle for me running two blogs, an online store, aspiring to journalistic stardom (not really) and slaving over a full time 42 hours a week day job. But no worries, I’m a man with a plan (woman didn’t sound as sweet). Along with Gallery Thursdays which seems to be passing over well (and might I add you may also remember in that brutal post that I had some fashion photo shoots in the works, so stay tuned for tonight because as promised the results are in..this week's Gallery Thursdays will have a personal own fashion photography and styling! woot woot), there will be Week In Review Fridays, What’s New Mondays (only fitting since weekends should be…well, you know..), Shopping Report Wednesdays and a little jumbo surprise in between. This is my online journal after all right?

PS- Yes the image above is a sneak preview of my very own art directed, styled and all around "I-am so-proud-to-be-the-shit-right-now-but-not-really" photo.


Hey babes, here are my resulting photo shoot images from the past month. I did a total of 5 shoots and although totally exhausting and sometimes bordering nervous breakdown, it was well worth it. Sorry I can't put up the best images or show the edited ones since the internet has a bad rap of thieves stealing other people's shit, but you will see them soon enough in some hot off the press editorial and ofcorse for the launch of my renovated

Images are copyrighted and watermarked

Wednesday, March 12

Shopping Report Wednesdays


Extra volume in clothing is everywhere for the upcoming fall season. The general silhouette is showing a growing acceptance of fullness in all areas. That easy fullness is likely to last a year or so before it begins to deflate to more form fitting lines again.

Rules for Wearing Volume Fall '08

Fashion Wardrobe Tip
- Whatever your physique the trick to carrying off volume is to avoid choosing a garment that makes the body look over burdened with masses of fabric. You do not want to look like a walking duvet!

-If you have a wide collar opt for a streamlined look below the collar line.
-If you have volume in your sleeves try to have some waist definition.
-If you wear full wide trousers, top them with a body defining neat top or a cropped jacket.
-If you wear skinny jeans or leggings you can afford to have a more voluminous garment like a down puffy parka or fur trimmed jacket on the top half.
-If you have good waist, but saddle bag thighs cover the thighs with a cinched waist fuller skirt with hemline interest.
-Wear volume to look up to date, but wear volume in moderation.
-Think of this volume in moderation rule before you buy.

Speechless Elbow-sleeve Knit Dress $29.00 @
Karen Scott 'Layla' Flat $29.50 @ Macy'
Quilted Barrell Bag $48.00
Opaque tights $12.50 @
Earrings and Gold Owl Necklace w/ruby eyes $14.05 @

Sarah Turtleneck $26.50 @
SS Turtleneck and Woven Skirt $22.80 @
Boots @32.99 @
Village Pom Beret and Granny Satchel @58.00 @